Yesterdays Sunshine UFOs

Yesterdays Sunshine UFOs
Yesterdays Sunshine UFOs, is about two groups of unidentified flying objects seen in two different photos I shot on August 20th 2017 (Denmark, Odense). First group is seen in below photo, which is a cropped version of the much larger photo IMG_6437. There are three objects, one that looks like a lens flare and two other objects, one big and one small. Click on the image above with first group of yesterdays sunshine UFOs...

Hunting cloud systems

Yesterday, I was with my mother to care for her dog and to do some gardening for her. The weather was unstable, changing between sunshine and rain, and with the many fast changing clouds and cloud systems, I chosed to bring my camera with me, in the hope to catch some awesome cloud systems with the blue sky as background. After a couple of hours work, I prepared my camera with a 300mm lens and sat down outside to relax. I put the chair in the lying position and began taking some pictures of the sky above me.

UFOs in the sunshine

At one point, I specifically used the camera as binoculars and was intentionally searching for UFOs, using the Steady Shot function. I looked in the area close to the Sun in the bright light, to see if I could catch some activity up there, in the form of little white lights moving around in the sky. Soon after I actually saw something whitish move and began taking pictures. As you can see, I got some interesting photography. I did not see more moving objects, but just to be sure, I took some more pictures.
Unidentified Flying Object 1
The object in the above and below image is interesting, because there are some elevations on it. One wide elevation that seem to be round or eliptic and another elevation that seem to be thin, like an antenna, as high as the other. I am sure this object is also seen in earlier UFO pictures (see the last picture on the page), in relation to Transparent flickering fish-like bird UFO. The above picture has been processed with Auto Contrast in Photoshop, the one below has not and is as it is seen in the photo.
Unidentified Flying Object 1
Unidentified Flying Object 1
Below the smallest object as it is seen in the cropped IMG_6437 photography above, with a secondary even smaller object. So lot of activity in this first photo in a serie of 10. The IMG_6437 photo was the first I shot immidiately after I saw something move in frame.
Unknown Flying Objects 1

Is it a lens flare?

The object below is also seen in photo IMG_6437 together with the UFOs above. My first thought was a lens flare, but to this day I have not seen a lens flare that did not have a degree of tranparancy. It is very difficult to see any transparancy here. But it is close to the Sun, so a lens flare here would be normal. I cannot be 100% sure this is a physical object...
Unidentified object
Unidentified object
The second group of objects in next photo IMG_6439 contains even more objects, maybe some of the same from above goes there too, but this second photo is a UFO cornucopia, because there are so many unknown objects, that I had to make another page, please continue reading here Cornucopia of UFOs

Basic observation data

  • Denmark, Odense August 20, 2017 at 04.16.30 pm
  • Camera position: Denmark, Odense
  • Compass direction: Above

UFO photography complete list

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