UFO mothership with scout fleet

UFO mothership with scout fleet photographed over friend's allotment garden in my hometown Odense, Denmark, on May 23, 2012 ~ it was on a trip together with my friend in her allotment garden, in order to assist in her vegetable garden, that we sat down exactly 1:18 pm and enjoyed the good weather, then I see a beautifully shaped cloud almost straight up that I rush to photograph. That turns into 4 images and the very first image DSC06440.JPG catch an elongated whitish object with some dark areas on it. I saw nothing unusual while shooting the photos (none of us saw anything unusual), only then I looked through the pictures few days later, I discovered the unidentified flying objects.
UFO mothership with scout fleet
When I magnify, the dark areas seem to be elevations (see image below), actually three of them. And because we look straight up in the bottom of the object, these elevations must sit beneath the object, when you assume it does not lie upside down!

Non-aircraft features

Considering these elevations and the size of them in relation to the rest of the object, it does not resemble an airplane very well. What these non-aircraft features means is a good question. Are they permanently attached to the object, or are they something that is docked? Honestly, I think the two elevations at the bottom of the object looks like discs (flying saucers) to me, with elevations in the middle in a lighter color than the surrounding disc? Am I alone about seeing that? Well, the only type of vessel I else can think of that is terrestrial, would be an airship, or a Blimp.
Airship or UFO question
Since none of us could see anything from the ground, the object in above pictures must have been relative high up. The distance it can travel up there from one point to another, is measured by the altitude (distance from ground level to an object in the sky). So, if you want to calculate the distance an airship for example can travel from point A to B in the sky, you must know the exact altitude to those two points. You also need to involve angular measurement based on arc minutes and seconds. Unfortunately, in this case I have none of those parameters and therefore can not calculate the distance the object seem to travel, as shown in the illustration below.

From point A to B in 18 seconds

Is the object from image DSC06440.JPG (see the two pictures above) the same as the object from image DSC06443.JPG (shown in the picture below the illustration)? I definitely think it is, because of the similar elevations on the UFO in two different photos. What we know is not much, we just know, that the object travelled a fair distance from point A to B in only 18 seconds (illustration below), and here the theory of an airship is not very good. since they fly quite close to the ground with very slow speeds.
The Hindenberg airship was one of the fastest airships ever built, reaching a speed of 85 mph at 650 feet, while Goodyears typical airships today manage a 70-75 mph range at 1500 feet. The Blimp which have a non-rigid framework and is just a balloon, typically flies at 35 mph around the 1,500 feet above ground. So airships and blimps cruise at very low speed and very low altitude...
Illustration that shows the path the airship/UFO travels in 18 seconds
I am not 100% sure about the exact position of point B, since it is located in image DSC06443.JPG that has been shot in a different angle and with different focal length (zoom), than the illustration above that is based on image DSC06440.JPG. Where the arrow ends, is my best shot for object B´s position, and this craft is also interesting, please read on...

Elevations casts shadows on the hull

The UFO in below two images (Object B) is the next one found in image DSC06443.jpg, and is located at position B in the illustration above. The first picture below has been processed with Auto Contrast and got some extra Brightness in Photoshop, and already here you can see there are some elevations, which is actually at the bottom of this thing. Remember we look straight up, so it must be the bottom of the vessel we see here.
Extraterrestrial carrier spaceship
The next picture below shows the result of a calculation in Photoshop, in an attempt to clear up the image and reveal some of the details on this UFO. It is inverted too and as you can see, we also have elevations on this one, as we had with the craft in image DSC06440.JPG, and those elevations, as I see it, are pretty much the same. There are two elevated areas close together and one more a bit further away from the two. What these are is a difficult question, and here it looks a little different than it did in the first picture. The interesting thing about this craft is, that these elevated areas seems to casts shadows on the hull, which indicates that something really is sticking out of the hull.
Alien carrier spacecraft with elevations
The two pictures above represents the same craft as in the image below. It is cropped out and magnified above, but below, it is shown together with the smaller UFO scout fleet.

Alien mothership with scout fleet?

The large cigar-shaped object in below photo (object B) is surrounded by several small "white dots", which you can see only four of here. It has been processed with Auto Tone in Photoshop, to make them stand out as clear as possible. The pictures below has been tilted 90 degrees towards right. Generally they are quite difficult to spot because of the strong sunlight taking up a third of the original photo
They´re hiding in that sunshine and there´s many small white orbs, like if we really had an alien carrier mothership with scout fleet flying around above us straight up. When you magnify a few times, the white orbs emerges and becomes clear enough to see.
Extraterrestrial fleet with scouts
Those smaller objects are those I call the scout fleet. They seem to be in motion and have to move relatively quickly around up there faster than the large object, while being photographed. They are shown with smeared pixels and is a bit out of focus. Object 4 is the only small object that seem not to move much in the moment the picture was taken. You can find many more objects in photo DSC06443.JPG if you look into the sunshine :)
There is of course a possibility, that some of the small objects could be pollen or plant residues flying around in the air and can´t be sure if we had a whole UFO scout fleet in the numbers of 20-30 objects above us or not...
Scout fleet
Since it is impossible for me to show hi-res fullsize photos with resolution of 3872 x 2592 pixels (72 dpi) on this blog's narrow space, I make the images available to the public for research only! You can click on the four thumbnails below and open the images in original size, magnify, and see for yourself.

When you see the UFO pictures magnified, a legitimate question may pop up!? Is the small white dots dust? Good question! If it should be dust on the optics, these small white dots should sit in the same place on all 4 images, and they do not. Is it pollen or insects flying around in the air, or space travelers from somewhere in the massive universe visiting with their motherships and their scout fleets, I'll leave it up to you...
Under one month from now on June 19th 2012, I had the wildest UFO sighting in this garden again, see Flying saucer with orbiting transformer probe

Be open-minded...

When I helped my girlfriend in her allotment garden, and when it was good weather, I always made sure to have my camera with me and was always ready if there was a beautiful cloud formation or aerial phenomenon I could photograph. And when you think like that, opportunities arises, and the result for the day became an authentic UFO fleet documented on photography.

Basic observation data

  • Denmark, Odense May 23, 2012 at 1.18 pm
  • Camera position: Denmark, Odense
  • Compass direction: Above us

UFO photography complete list

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