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UFO with moving high intensity light over an unknown Arabic airport, is not one of those I think WOW, but more hmm faked or real? But I have seen the same type of high intensity light before (as from arc welding created by high voltage) on a moving craft that looked like a star. That was my first sighting back in 1981.
The unknown object in the video below has the same arc-type of light and this time it moves on a surface back and forth in a cyclic pattern, which I do not think we have technologies that can do, not what we know of. The video ends with one long zoom out, and you see the lights on the craft melts together and gets smaller and smaller like you would expect when the camera zooms out. And then an airport terminal with a strong yellow branding, Arabic apparently, comes into sight and the video ends there.
I've made mistakes before when guessing, and I do not know with this one, but the moving light really caught my eye. An interesting detail I think. If not faked, this is a repeated feature that maybe scans for something, or is some kind of indicator of an engine function? Another UFO video I also wrote about, have lights moving on a surface but in broad daylight, and that is really like not out of this world, check it out!

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