UFO sighting, landing and first contact

My first UFO sighting was a landing and also my first contact with an extraterrestrial paranormal reality. It was in Denmark 1981 in a 12 years age, I do not remember the actual date, but it was late summertime around 8.00-8.30 pm. I was together with 4-5 other kids including my neighbour, which was also my classmate and in same age as me. Darkness had just fallen, the sky was cloudless and we could see the stars clearly.
My eyes were often directed towards the sky and that evening was no exception. So I see this star move across the sky high up and points to the sky, wow see up there, and we were all suddenly observing a bright sparkling light, that at first glance seemed to move across the sky, but we soon realized that it descended slowly but steady in a slightly curved path down, until it disappeared behind some trees 1,5 kilometer away.
UFO sighting, landing and first contact
We were all aware of this mysterious object at last, because we could see it was coming down. We all looked at it for some minutes while it descended, until it disappeared behind the trees. And then nothing happened for some time and while we were waiting for it to come back up, it became late and the other kids walked home one by one, except me and my neighbour, we were still waiting on the spot, because we really expected it to come up again.

Spaceship techno performance

After half an hour we gave up and agreed to go home. Our parents had said we should be home at that time, so we began walking home, but after only few steps, we looked at each other, turned around and sprinted back to the spot from where we could see the trees where the object came down. Exactly as we both were back on that spot and had our eyes directed towards the UFO landing site, we saw a thin streak of light from behind the trees and out in space, well, it looked that way. It was there and gone under a microsecond, like a camera flash, and we both screamed "oorrrhhhhh" to each other after seeing that spaceship techno performance.

Sparkling light looked like arc welding...

I clearly remember the sparkling light as the same type of light you see coming from arc welding and for some reason, I got this feeling later on, that the sparkling light had something to do with the movement of the craft, but how it was related, I don´t know. I didn´t see the craft, just the light, so I have no idea how big it was and what shape it had. We didn´t hear any sound from the object as I remember it. No sound then it came down and no sound then it streaked away out in space.
I remember then we ran back to the spot, I arrived first and had my eyes on target where the UFO landed. I then see out of the corner of my eye my neighbours head and torso appear almost horizontal behind me to the left, and while I see him come into sight, he turns his head and the moment he has his eyes pointed towards the landing site, we then see this thin streak of light in a vertical line from where it landed and up into space. I am asking my self, how it can be, that we both suddenly get the same impulse at exactly same time, that we must return to watch again, and exactly as we are back on the spot, we see it. I think that was strange...

My first face-to-face contact

This UFO sighting was not only a landing, but also a visit and my first face-to-face contact with an extraterrestrial entity, which I actually knew from before I came to Earth. I will not tell the complete story here, because it gets more and more complex (and would take 50 pages), so I will focus on this piece of the puzzle alone, and it goes as follows…
Non-time event
A couple of days after the sighting, I suddenly had this thought in my mind about an event I had been part of at exactly the same spot where we saw the UFO two days earlier. I could not figure out when it happened in real time, I could not say yesterday at 3´clock or in any way pinpoint the event into my physical life. But inside my head I now had this small film running of an event, a meeting, and it was now a part of my memory and remembered as a real life event. Let´s call it a vision:

Projector with red light made me float

I stand halfway up in our driveway and see a red light at the end of the street where we had our sighting. After seeing this red light, it's as if I set in motion and automatically heading for the red light (I do not remember walking). When I approach, I see the red light is a projector on something that looks like a tripod and I now notice someone standing next to the projector. While all this happens, I have no fear at all, but almost in a kind of relaxed state. As I reach the red light, I can see the person next to the projector clearly, and he looks like the reunion with me is pleasing, and then I don´t remember more and from this point nothing more happens! My vision ends with his smile.

Real alien approximately 1,2 meter tall

The person I was facing, is not just a random person, but the highest ranking of that vessel we saw land. He is approximately 1,2 meter tall, his hair is short cut like a marine and he is wearing a uniform that looks like an admirals with fringes on the shoulders and all that. He is slim and his face looks flat and squared from forehead to chin. He is one of those no one should mess with, and with his device (a stick with a sphere in one end), he will, for all humanoids in this world, be a true wizard with absolute power over life and death.

30 years and several UFO sightings later

Now over 30 years and several UFO sightings later, including quite a few experiences with the paranormal too, I have come to a greater understanding of what is really happening, and it is NOT a story we are used to be told. What I know, do not fit well into a worldview that has been ruled by religions for millenniums, and continues to be ruled by religion. My experiences has taught me, that I also had a life before I came into this world, and that I was present somewhere between my last death and last birth, and it was in a place where the guy who visited me, was present too.
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Basic observation data

  • Denmark, Odense, between September 20th & October 10th 1981 at 8.00 to 8:30 pm
  • Observation position: 55 21'10" N - 10 22'19" E
  • Compass direction: East
  • Note that the date period is found using the program Stellarium and is consistent with the fact, that it was almost dark at 8.00 pm where we could see the stars clearly. In the starmap below, we are looking in an eastern direction from the same position as the UFO sighting and darkness has just fallen October 1th 1981 at 8:00 pm.

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