Visiting the 1981 landing site and UFO appears

In 2013 on August 9th, I made a visit to the 1981 landing site, where I 32 years earlier had seen a strange object go down. I had my photo equipment with me and got some interesting photography at the site. Surprisingly, a flying saucer appeared and mapped the old UFO landing site. This article has been moved to a new domain and can be found here Flying saucer appears over old UFO landing site
IMG_2327.JPG August 9th 2013 at 08.39 pm - Flying Saucer with windows
So, I've been to the UFO landing site where the "sparkling light" probably landed back in 1981. It is an area designated from where it would be possible (and still is) to go down and land partially unnoticed on a flat field hiding behind trees and some industry. It appears the farmer's old house is still inhabited, but based on the cadastral map, it is a commercial property, so actually all buildings with view to the cornfield is commercial or state property. At the time of the supposed landing, this cornfield was in production.
I walked into this old cornfield, that has been left behind for years and that grows it self (the grain still standing), and started taking pictures of the area. After a few hundred meters I reached the corner where the ground is adjacent to a tree line, I put up my photo equipment there and continued taking pictures and then suddenly, there was something high up! It looked like a passing airliner to me and I did not take enough notice, but I should have been more aware of this object. I did notice the object made a turn an airliner would never do in normal flight, but didn´t think more about this (??) until later, then I looked through the photos, and yes, I got it on photography.
Corner in the cornfield
The flying saucer you see in the photos below, made me a visit while visiting the landing site. Yes I know, it IS crazy, but I want you to know my intent is not to deceive, but simply to be informative. That´s why I make my hi-res UFO photography available for research, so people can form their own opinion. What is seen in my photos should always be open for a good discussion, by anyone if they like, because these photos are real and shows SOMETHING in the sky that I can´t identify as terrestrial.
This article has been moved to a new domain and can be found here Flying saucer appears over old UFO landing site

UFO photography August 9th 2013

All pictures below is from same serie. The first four has not been processed at all. The last and fifth photo (+ top image) has been processed in Photoshop with basic image processing techniques like Auto Contrast, Auto Tone, Curves etc.
IMG_2325.JPG - August 9th 2013 at 08.39.04 pm
IMG_2328.JPG - August 9th 2013 at 08.39.08 pm
IMG_2329.JPG - August 9th 2013 at 08.39.08 pm
IMG_2331.JPG - August 9th 2013 at 08.39.12 pm
These pictures shows an object with an elevation on top, resembling a hat or flying saucer. I hope I learn it some day, to actually notice what the hell is going on in the sky next time I am on a UFO photo safari, because if I had noticed this object, you would have had hi-res close-up photos of a flying saucer in perfect focus.
If you look carefully at the picture below, could you maybe tell me if you can see two windows or not on this craft? You´re welcome to comment on this, thanks.
IMG_2327.JPG August 9th 2013 at 08.39 pm
Download high resolution UFO photography for your research only and see the pictures on this page. Click on each in the list below to see or download hi-res (5184x3456 pixels / 72 DPI) photos taken with my Canon EOS 60D.

Plan to visit the UFO landing site again

The story about this landing site is not over yet. I will make another visit and this time be much more aware of things happening in the sky. I will soon report again from the UFO landing site. Also see UFO sighting involving low-flying Boeing 747

UFO photography complete list

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