Flying saucer with orbiting transformer probe

A classic flying saucer was filmed over Denmark, Odense, on June 19th 2012 at 1.57 pm. This article has been updated on a new domain and can be found here Flying saucer with fast orbiting transformer probe This sighting started with the sudden appearance of the saucer hovering above an area of a previous landing site, where a craft landed back in 1981. Suddenly it just hang there in the air close to the ground above some trees and I didn´t see it coming even though I constantly looked in that same direction. What you unfortunately cannot see in this UFO video, is the fast orbiting (and spookie) "transformer" probe the witness (me) saw, while it flew away in the distance. But you see an object flying in the distance.
Flying saucer with orbiting transformer probe
The picture above is a screenshot of one frame (1920x1080 pixels) from the original *.mts video file (see video below) played back in Windows Media Player, and filtered with auto tone in Photoshop.

Disc-shaped object

Me and my friend sat and relaxed in her allotment garden (again), when I suddenly see a dark disc-shaped object quite close, actually a classic flying saucer like a dish upside down, that stood still in the air few seconds and then abruptly, but still smoothly, sets in motion. In the 3 minutes long observation, it silently moves farther and farther away, until I can not see it anymore.

The secondary object

At one point, I noticed a smaller secondary object, that was flying fast around the larger UFO. There were no jet-engine or propeller noise to hear at all, as you can check out in the video below. Unfortunately, my friend didn´t see the object while she was talking in her phone...

Drawing of the flying saucer

As you can see in my drawing below to the left, this is how I experienced the UFO sighting. The drawing of the unidentified flying object are pretty much how I saw it, then I first discovered it hovering steady in the sky. The exact distance to the object is a bit unclear, but a guess would be around 500-800 meters.
Flying saucer with orbiting transformer probe illustration

Drawing of the transformer probe

In my drawing above to the right, you see an illustration of the transformer probe, and I call it "transformer", because it was changing it´s shape very fast from a sphere to a "V". Then I first saw this secondary object, I thought it was a bird attacking, or, it looked like a bird attacking the primary object. but in the hours and days after, it became more and more clear to me, that it was NOT a bird. This was one of those sightings, where it ran cold down my back and hairs stood upright on my arm, when it really dawned on me, what I just had actually seen. When you see such things, your brain may have some time to process it. Technology that can make things change shape as fast as this probe could do, has not as far as I know, seen the day here on Earth yet. This is nano technology (or something related) so advanced, that we probably can´t imagine before seeing it...

Elliptical orbit

From my point of view, the probe followed an elliptical orbit around the saucer. When the probe was in 6 and 12 a´clock, it was a "V", when it was in 3 and 9 a´clock, it was a sphere. From 12 a´clock to 3 a´clock, it transformed from a V into a sphere, from 3 a´clock to 6 a´clock, it transformed into a V and so on, and it was going fast as hell, and that was the specific detail that made me kind of scared a couple of days after. This was so non-terrestrial, an extreterrestrial show-off of the really wild ones :)
I had a photo sighting here on May 23, 2012, see UFO mothership with scout fleet

Basic observation data

  • Denmark, Odense Juny 19, 2012 at 1.57 pm
  • Camera position: Denmark, Odense
  • Compass direction: First observed in west

UFO photography complete list

This article has been updated on a new domain and can be found here Flying saucer with fast orbiting transformer probe
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