Shiny UFO weaponry above air force base?

Shiny UFO weaponry above air force base?
Shiny UFO above McClellan Air Force Base on October 18, 2010, may have some weaponry at the bottom that looks like a cannon or gun turret. My first thought then I saw this object, was the LEGO man figure, which I think has some of the shape in common. The LEGO man figure was of course only my very first impression, and when I look closer, I really think it looks like a big robot, a big flying robot apparently, and something big and elongated sticks out the bottom...

Seem not to be aerodynamic

Please note, that this object seem to stand up vertically in the air, slightly tilted 2-3 degrees backwards, and does not seem to follow the principle of aerodynamics as we know of. If this UFO is a real physical object, it may not use conventional propeller or jet engine technology to move it self around. I see no wings, and see no thrusters in action.
I will not show you screenshots of this one, but if you know how to take screenshots of a youtube video and process the image in Photoshop, you can get some pretty good closeups of the cannon and the area around it. And you will see a torn surface not as smooth and shiny as one would expect, after viewing the object at a distance.

Where does the light come from?

Our imagination can lead us to nearly anything under the right conditions. This object is too far away from the camera to let us see vital details clear enough. It´s dark and the object shines very strongly metallic, and because of that, it is difficult to form an orderly impression of the shape of the object. But how can it shine as it does here? You don´t see any navigational lights on the object, you see no flashing lights whatsoever, you just see an object in the air supposely, which is lit up all over it´s surface at once. How can that be, when you see no searchlights from the ground up targeting this object?
The witness and owner of this UFO video (Cool13Video), told me about his sighting. After the video clip above, he stopped recording, walked inside to get his tripod, but then he came out again, the object was gone. Read his own report on youtube in the video description here. The background noise you hear in the video comes from an airboat.

No shots were fired

When you see something that might resemble a flying robot with something resembling some weaponry at the bottom, pointing straight down at the air force base below, it should automatically start some thoughts about the relationship between the flying object and the air base underneath. No shots were fired that night, but if it was a canon pointing down upon the air force base, it seems quite provocative and might be a kind of warning, unless this equipment belongs to U.S.?
In addition to the other warnings we have gained throughout the decades, unknown objects have emerged over nuclear weapons missile silos and bases, affecting electronics and security procedures, and in some cases put the missiles completely out of function. Those cases could maybe be related to this one, a real UFO with weaponry above a Californian air force base, sending a serious message?

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