Unidentified Aerial Phenomena UAP pictures batch 3

UFOs in the sky watching - UFO pictures batch #3 (IMG_5990)
UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) pictures batch 3, a continuation of Transparent flickering fish-like bird UFO, and comes with more UFO photos. Some of the objects will not be shown here, typically if they are just dots or really unclear.

UAP pictures batch #3 (IMG_5990 May 25th 2017 at 02:39:38 pm)

Some of the pictures of batch #3 (extracted from IMG_5990.JPG) with 10 unknown objects in the sky, but only 2 of the most interesting are shown here, among others three UFO spheres in a row, or cluster! Also check out the bottom hi-res link to the original full-size photograph, and see the objects there for your own research only!
Object no. 4 from batch #3 (IMG_5990):
To me, it clearly looks like three ball-shaped sphere UFOs together in a row...
Object no. 4 from batch #3 (IMG_5990)
It can be difficult to see, but there also seem to be some white "smoke" above the spheres, like it is coming from each sphere, blows upwards a bit and leave a smoketrail behind (imagination), like if they were coming fast against the camera (imagination).
Object no. 4 from batch #3 (IMG_5990)
I saw something like this in the old Battle of LA 1942 UFO footage, where several small spheres were flying fast around the bigger object in the searchlights. Some of those had packed into a cluster of three (or five) objects. In connection with another incident, I saw smoke, or plasma, come out from four spheres in different sizes that seemed to be heading toward me, but that is another story! Below photo is inverted.
Object no. 4 from batch #3 (IMG_5990)
Above picture shows clearly three round shapes close together, resembling spheres ready to what? What these are used for would be interesting to find out. Surveilance and the ability to monitor a situation could be one reason maybe. Another could be for protection purposes maybe, used to guard an area searching for all kinds of outside interactions to be sure the main vessel is safe! My very first UFO pictures was actually also a sphere, a round dark shape quite large indeed, see Large stationary UFO sphere
Object no. 6 from batch #3 (IMG_5990):
This object is not very clear in the picture, but something is there and it is not an insect or a bird. Looks like there are two black dots on the front of this object.
Object no. 6 from batch #3 (IMG_5990)
Object no. 6 from batch #3 (IMG_5990)
Due to the shape and the equal sides you can see in the last inverted grayscale picture below, I can only say, that it is not an insect or a bird, but I can´t identify it.
Object no. 6 from batch #3 (IMG_5990)
I can not be sure my drawings below are correct, but this is what I see in the pictures. And the pixels can cheat you and make optical illusions. And as you might have noticed, the "handle" on top of the object shown in the drawing below to the right, is taken from the last gray-scale pic right above. But the second pic above shows no "handle" on top of the object, shown in drawings below to the left.
The unidentified aerial phenomena pictures shown above can be checked by you! Just use the link below and see the original high resolution photograph for your self., and study the 10 objects that are there. UFOs or not? You may have an opinion, feel free to comment on this!

Basic observation data

  • Denmark, Odense, May 25th 2017 at 02:39:38 pm
  • Camera position: Secluded pasture
  • Compass direction: North-West-South

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