UFO Cornucopia

Cornucopia of UFOs, a continuation of Yesterdays Sunshine UFOs, shows the second group of objects from photo IMG_6439 which contains even more objects, maybe some of the same from IMG_6437 goes here too, but this second photo IMG_6439 is indeed a UFO cornucopia.
The first two pictures below shows an object with two smaller objects close to it. The first image below has not been processed at all, but the next image below has been processed with Auto Contrast in Photoshop.
In the next two pictures below you see the big object from above without the smaller objects. Notice the red flare in the picture below from beneath the object. Else you don´t see much details here, because you look right up in the bottom.
In the negative below the flare is seen with green color...

UFO fleets

The next three pictures below has been processed with Auto Contrast in Photoshop to make the objects appear as clear as possible. I had to magnify the images a couple of times before the objects appeared for me, so those objects must be at high altitude. In the first picture below I can count up to 9 UFOs, in the next below I can count 12 dots and a stripe of something I don´t know what is?
Triangle UFO formation
Above picture shows one of the famous triangle formations seen many times before, among the many videos on Youtube, you can find this one, the triangle, in a NASA video feed also shown by mainstream medias several years ago.

Basic observation data

  • Denmark, Odense August 20, 2017 at 04.16.36 pm
  • Camera position: Denmark, Odense
  • Compass direction: Above

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