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The Space Shuttle Atlantis
Long time before the NASA Space Shuttle UFO Video Archieve came into place, we already had several highly interesting incidents with UFOs in space, among other the famous trip to the Moon back in the 60s, Apollo 11, which was followed by unknown objects the astronauts told, and later the United States first space station in the 70s, Skylab, which in one situation was followed by a very large satellite the astronauts told.
Later in the 90s, where NASA was busy building up a space station with the help of the space shuttles (orbiters), we got a lot of video data send home via CCTV cameras placed around the orbiters. From this point in space history, there was no turning back for UFO deniers, because nearly all shuttle missions caught pulsating objects, which came by frequently as curious observers watching man doing his small steps, or simply followed the shuttle while making thought-provoking patterns. For example in the footage, there three spheres with equal distances to each others, follows the orbiter for a quite long time. So finally, we´ve got a lot of video material, but where is it?

One man decided to record the orbiter video feed

CCTV cameras onboard the now retired space shuttles, were always running and a raw live video feed were always broadcasting and accessible for anyone with a satellite dish and some technical knowledge. NASA may still have a copy of all these old broadcastings today, but they have never to this day publicized any of it, and they will probably never do. But thanks to one man, TV & film editor Martyn Stubbs, we have a large collection of NASA shuttle videos today, in total 2500 hours great CCTV footage with loads of unidentified flying objects, that represents the NASA Space Shuttle UFO Video Archieve.
Think about it! If mr. Stubbs had not decided to record the orbiter live video streams between 1991 and 1996, where had it been now? Could it have been left unnoticed in a dusty multi-level basement and completely been erased from public mind now? Unfortunately, there is a sad tendency with important historical UFO-related material, as it happened with 40 rolls of film from the Apollo project.

2500 hours of raw video footage

The work with patiently recording all the live shuttle video transmissions, from mission STS-48 launched on September 12th 1991, to mission STS-80 launched on November 19th 1996, produced over 2500 hours of raw video footage downloaded directly from the orbiters live video feeds. He had his own dish and began recording on DHS cassette videos. He started the record on the countdown to launch and stopped the record again then the shuttle was at full stop on the runway.

He recounts the Hubble Telescope repair mission STS-61. It was a very important mission and NASA had decided to make this their showcase mission. Mr. Stubbs was therefore naturally interested in this mission and would, contrary to the other missions, follow this one daily. The mission took 11 days, used 36 videotapes of 8 hours each, and that is 288 hours of video to be looked through frame by frame. And from the very first moment, then the first download came he said, he found the spherical phenomenon.

The spherical phenomenon

The spherical phenomenon, which I will focus on in this article, is described as a round pulsating disc that sometimes show up with a constant whitish tone or as fast flickering with high light intensity. They all seem to have one or two markings, a small notch on the outer edge of the disc, which can shift place or go from one to two markings and back again. The 4 spherical discs below are the same object, which was seen moving from left to right in the tether video above (starting at 3:44) and it did not turn around but simply transformed its shape. They can also have different levels of transparency, which sometimes makes it difficult to decide if they are ahead or behind an object in space.
NASA STS-75 Tether Mission Spherical Object Sequence
The behavior of these space objects and the way they appear to us in the CCTV video footage defies reality of how things are expected to behave. I watched these objects from time to time over the years and recently it struck me, that they always seem to face the camera at one particular degree of angle!? If we say these objects are round on one side and flat on the other side, they could resemble a coin.

Only visible from one particular angle?

Then you take a coin and put it flat down on the table in front of you, and the side of the coin you see would be the only side you will ever see of that coin. If you have ever seen those objects from the side or another angle, I would love to hear. This is either a special ability of the objects, which makes them kind of paranormal and defies reality, or it have to be an optical phenomenon, since our view of the objects seem to be bound visually to only one particular degree of view.

3 mile wide pulsating icebergs...

Another problem I have speculated about, is, that there seem to be a size issue here! Sometimes they seem to be small, other times they seem to be 3 miles wide? As it was particularly evident in the tether video, the objects NASA calls “debris” or “ice crystals”, went behind the 12 miles long tether at a distance of 81 nautical miles, and you could easily calculate it with the help of the tether as a yardstick to be around 3 miles wide. Ice crystals or debris at that size, is the size of icebergs / mountains and difficult to explain?
I do not believe these are physical structures like spaceships supposedly would be, but I have some trust in, that they are actually there in the footage. But the thing about the one-sided view and the size issue, they blow my mind. Because of their transparency and the fact they emits light, these objects maybe only exists as light photons!? And their ability to pulsate and flicker with high intensity, should indicate some sort of process that needs energy from somewhere, but I do not know much about beings of light and how they can live. If they are just an optical phenomenon caused by the speciality of space and NASAs filming methods, it would be be interesting to get that explained :)

Martyn Stubbs and the NASA UFO Video Archieve

Martyn Stubbs has been TV and film editor for 25 years. He spend hours each day looking at high speed video tapes and reviewing peoples programs. And as a manager in charge of a TV station in Vancouver, he had his own technical staff, which he began consulting in an attempt to get them to destroy his discoveries related to the second phenomenon (not the spherical phenomenon), and he wanted them to tell him that someone could fake this, but in the end, his discovery seemed to hold water. Then he took the sample, and made it up to the scientific community - to a think-tank, a behavioural lab, a physcisists and an astrophyscisists. Some of them humored him a little in the start, but in the end of their meetings, they had their hands on the controls, they were running up to the screen, and they were holding meetings. They broke the entire pixelization process down he said, and found it was still there. It blew their minds...
Martyn Stubbs is also known as secretnasaman on Youtube, check him out, he has lots of videos waiting for you to see! By the way, the related youtube channels you see to your right when you click the secretnasaman link, well, I don´t know how they are related or if youtube makes this on auto, but the channel "thirdphaseofmoon" and "secureteam10" is a mix of facts and fiction, and I advice you not to put too much weight in these, and don´t let them destroy your opinion about the NASA Space Shuttle UFO Video Archieve!

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