NATO F16 in dogfight with several UFOs?

NATO F16 jetfighter in dogfight with several UFOs over Denmark sounds like pure fiction, but there is actually some truth to that statement, because photos show a whole UFO fleet in airspace with up to 15 different objects spread over ten pictures, and there are indications of an F16 Viper in one picture, probably revealed by it´s vertical stabilizer. This is my biggest article so far with tons of pictures to investigate.
NATO F16 in dogfight with several UFOs?
The event unfolded on July 6th 2010 at 12.45 pm. I was in Odense city at the street Vestre Stationsvej and coincidentally I had my camera with me then I heard the roar of a jet-plane in the skies above from a north western direction. It was partly cloudy and I did not succeed to see any plane visually, but assumed it to be a Danish F16, which is the type of warplane used in the Danish air defence at the time.

F16 dogfight UFOs?

I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures in the direction the sound came from. Before I managed to turn on the camera and shoot the first picture, I heard a total of two "snaps" from up there, which I think was because the pilot went from full throttle or afterburner to actually zero engine operation. After the first snap, the engine were completely quiet a few seconds, after which there were full throttle again, ending with another snap, followed by a few seconds of engine silence. After each snap, I could clearly hear the air rubbing against the fuselage / flaps (brakings), which may suggest that something relatively dramatically was happening up there, and it must have been relatively close to the ground. Were I witnessing an F16 in dogfight with UFOs?
Those snaps can actually be compared with a cutting torch, which gives a snap or bang when you turn off the oxygen addition.

Abrupt maneuvers, but against who?

It was certainly not an ordinary flyover, there were a serious situation in the air and it certainly caught my attention. The pilot clearly made some abrupt maneuvers, but against what counterpart? I heard only one aircraft, and it is for me a mystery what caused the pilot to fly in such manner over a relatively large city, if there were no counterparts?
Flying Saucer
No machinegun or missiles were fired that day, it was not that kind of dogfight, but more a wild attempt by a pilot to get into position to maybe observe and probably shoot some still / live photography of something up there, which apparently may have been near impossible to get steady in the viewfinder. It was not a dogfight on life and death, but a “monitoring” dogfight, where the pilot tried very hard to observe something very hard to observe. My street photo session of the spectacle in the air resulted in 13 images where 10 of them may be of interest for UFO enthusiasts. I did not make any visual contact with those objects. The whole incident lasted a minute and ended with the sound of the plane flying away quietly. The dogfight has ended...

My dogfight theory

The dogfight theory is not only based on wild guessing, but through my longstanding interest in flight simulation and the many hours I've actually used with an F16 simulator. I know that a dogfight involves diligent use of zero to full throttle in no time (afterburner) and flaps (brakes), in order to perform highly demanding (and fast) maneuvers to get into position to launch your air-to-air missiles at a moving target, that does anything to get away from your shooting angle. And such maneuvers will for sure create a lot of noise and attention, if the plane is relatively close to the ground. It is prohibited in Denmark to use afterburner below 5000 ft over land, so the F16 may at least have been around that altitude.

No Danish jetfighter in the area around 12.45 pm

I asked for access (parallel to the FOIA requests) to the Danish Air Force on this incident, and they promptly answered that no Danish F16 was in the area at that time. There had been an exercise a couple of hours earlier before the incident over Odense but all planes where back at their base at 11.30 am.

Based on my long-life interest for airplanes with special focus on military airplanes, and based on my experience from the navy, where we had F16s making the same abrupt maneuvers in attack and defense drills with our ship, I am therefore 110% able to determine if there was a jetfighter or not, and 110% capable of eligibility to wonder why this jet was flying as it did? Luckily one of the photos (DSC0519.JPG - Object C.) below is quite a reasonable proof, that there was a jetfighter present in the airspace that day, and if not a Danish F16, it must have been a NATO jetfighter, probably an F16.

Illustrations, magnified objects and hi-res photos

Here is the 10 photos and illustrations with black arrows showing you positions of the objects. Click on the "HI-RES"-link on top of each illustration to see the unknown objects in hi-res version (3872 x 2592 pixels at 72 dpi). Below each illustration you see related objects that have been magnified and typical processed using tools like Auto Tone, Auto Contrast, Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Curves and Calculations in Photoshop. Some of the work with image processing can be seen in the F16 UFO Pictures Gallery. Be aware of the many pictures, it will take some time to load, please be patient. The hi-res un-edited photos can be downloaded for research only!
DSC00515.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.46.56 pm (HI-RES)
DSC00515.JPG illustration
DSC0515.JPG - Object A.
The last of the three images below, has been edited with several basic image processing tools in Photoshop, in an attempt to clear it up and make the elevation on top of this object standing out as clear as possible. It has a clearly defined dark area in front and in the middle of something that looks like a light colored fuselage.
DSC00515.JPG Unidentified Flying Object with elevation A1
DSC00515.JPG Unidentified Flying Object with elevation A8
DSC00515.JPG Unidentified Flying Object with elevation A11
DSC0515.JPG - Object B.
The images below shows not only one but two objects. The whitish sphere-like object is undeniably there and seems to move around in the sky, so keep an eye with object B. in the following 10 photos. However, I can not be sure, that the object I have dubbed Object B., is the same in DSC0516.JPG, DSC0519.JPG and DSC0520.JPG, but apparently it is the only object that is clear white! As you may have noticed, the white sphere is joined by a black rectangular object, that is just on the edge to disappaer into the surrounding pixels. See the illustration at the bottom with object B and the F16.
DSC00515.JPG Unidentified Flying Object B2
DSC00515.JPG Unidentified Flying Object B4
DSC00515.JPG Unidentified Flying Object B7
DSC0515.JPG - Object C.
Object below is nearly just a dot and the results of image processing gave not much to work with. The last image below is a calculation in an attempt to isolate the object from the surrounding pixels (image is inverted) and what is left just shows a sphere shape...
DSC00515.JPG Unidentified Flying Object C2
DSC00515.JPG Unidentified Flying Object C4
DSC00515.JPG Unidentified Flying Object C10

DSC00516.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.46.58 pm (HI-RES)
DSC00516.JPG illustration
DSC0516.JPG - Object A.
The type of object below also repeats itself in image batches connected to a later UFO sighting I had on May 24th 2017 and a field photoshoot the day after on May 25th, see UAP pictures batch 2, 6 (more to come). The object is disc-shaped from the perspective and has this dark black area in the middle with something that looks like fuselage around it. Could the black area be a window section? This type of vessel shares the same profile as some of the other object A´s in images DSC0515.JPG, DSC0517.JPG, DSC0519.JPG and DSC0522.JPG.
DSC00516.JPG Unidentified Flying Object A2
DSC00516.JPG Unidentified Flying Object A8
DSC0516.JPG - Object B.
Object B is the UFO that I suspect repeats itself in 3 other images (DSC0515.JPG, DSC0519.JPG, DSC0520.JPG). This is the only white object there is among the other darker ones and it moves around over fair distances in 2 second intervals. In the first image below it is a very faint object, the second image below shows my attempt to clear up the real shape and isolate it from the surrounding pixels. See the illustration at the bottom with object B and the F16.
DSC00516.JPG Unidentified Flying Object B2
DSC00516.JPG Unidentified Flying Object B7
DSC0516.JPG - Object C.
When you look at the images below, you are not in doubt that an object is there, this is the clearest object of them all and it is easy to find in the hi-res photo. I have tried hard to process this image to get this object magnified and cleared up further, but with no usable results. The two pics below (and the top picture) is the best ones I can offer you. This unknown object is not entirely in focus and when magnified further, it melts together with the surrounding pixels and is a dead end. Does it look terrestrial to you?
DSC00516.JPG Unidentified Flying Object C1
DSC00516.JPG Unidentified Flying Object C9

DSC00517.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.00 pm (HI-RES)
DSC00517.JPG illustration
DSC0517.JPG - Object A.
Elongated or disc-shaped object in front of a hole in the cloud. It has a light colored shape with a black area in the middle as the other object A´s in images DSC0515.JPG, DSC0516.JPG, DSC0519.JPG and DSC0522.JPG. The black area may be just a shadow, indication a three dimensional object.
DSC00517.JPG Unidentified Flying Elongated Object A1
DSC00517.JPG Unidentified Flying Elongated Object A10
DSC0517.JPG - Object C.
What is a real UFO fleet without a flying saucer? This almost looks like the one I recorded on video on June 19th 2012. It seem to have the same shape even when seen from a different perspectives. If the same, those guys are from the other side!
DSC00517.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (Flying Saucer) C2
DSC00517.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (Flying Saucer) C5
DSC0517.JPG - Object D.
Just a dot, but something is there...
DSC00517.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (faint) D1
DSC00517.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (faint) D9

DSC00519.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.00 pm (HI-RES)
DSC00519.JPG illustration
DSC0519.JPG - Object A.
This object is slightly different compared to the previous two other object A's. It has a dark area in the middle, but in this case it does not look as if there may be a possible section of windows. There seem to be some attachment at the bottom of this object, two legs, and you maybe get associations with an insect, but with my focal length at 70mm focused on the cloud in the middle, it would probably show a blurred out of focus object, but this is not the case here. And nothing suggests this thing is in motion either. The dark area seem to just show a physical object with real-life shadows in the shape of an elognated droplet. See the other object A´s in images DSC0515.JPG, DSC0516.JPG, DSC0517.JPG and DSC0522.JPG.
DSC00519.JPG Unidentified Flying Object with bottom attachment A2
DSC00519.JPG Unidentified Flying Object with bottom attachment A10
DSC0519.JPG - Object B.
The object in the images below has been edited with the available image processing tools in Photoshop and they are not manipulated intentionally to show what I think it shows. The more I study these pictures, the more I find and the more I am convinced, that this structure really looks like a building (or a house) with something that resembles a moving gate that is half closed in front of an opening? Below that, there is another area that could resemble an opening? I am a bit stunned about this UFO picture and I tried to draw the object as I see it, in the fourth and last image below. Also see the illustration at the bottom with object B and the F16.
DSC00519.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (building in the sky?) B1
DSC00519.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (building in the sky?) B6
DSC00519.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (building in the sky?) B7
Drawing: House in the sky...
DSC0519.JPG - Object C - The F16 aircraft
This is the images that I believe proves, that an F-16 Fighting Falcon was in the area at the same time as the UFO fleet here. Unfortunately, this object is very very faint, and the only thing that got my attention was the distinct area of pixels that forms what I think is a vertical stabilizer on an airplane. After closer inspection, it also looks like the nose and cockpit is visible too, and it looks very much as an F16 fighter aircraft to me.
DSC00519.JPG Object C1 (F16)
DSC00519.JPG Object C7 (F16)
Picture below shows an F16 Viper flying low over Odense on november 12th 2017...
Viper low flying over Odense
The video below starts at 3:34 where the pilot enters the area in an F16 in high speed, turns, shuts off the jet engine and makes an aerobraking with the speed brakes extended. There is no "snap" to be heard here, but it shows how they slow down the speed fast and you can see this aircraft from all possible angles.

DSC00520.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.02 pm (HI-RES)
DSC00520.JPG illustration
DSC0520.JPG - Object A.
Images below shows a dark eliptical sphere with three white spheres docked at one end. These three spheres could maybe be the same that appears in images further down in the article, where there is a picture of three spheres in a row, see image DSC0526.JPG.
DSC00520.JPG Unidentified Flying Object with three spheres A1
DSC00520.JPG Unidentified Flying Object with three spheres A5
DSC0520.JPG - Object B.
Back to object B again, the only object in the sky that is white. If its the same as in DSC0515.JPG, DSC0516.JPG and DSC0519.JPG, it has now travelled a relative long distance upwards and are now floating slowly downwards towards the F16 aircraft, which is somewhere outside the image. I looked thoroughly after the aircraft and based on its last position in image DSC0519.JPG and its supposed heading towards left, the F16 should be somewhere below the white object in an 45 degree angle, but is probably behind a cloud. The interesting thing about the object in the images here, is the tail of smoke or condensation it leaves, as if it was flying downwards, which I think it does, in an 45 degree angle. The third and last image is inverted and magnified. Also see the illustration at the bottom with object B and the F16.
DSC00520.JPG Unidentified Flying Object with contrail B1
DSC00520.JPG Unidentified Flying Object with contrail B3
DSC00520.JPG Unidentified Flying Object with contrail B8

DSC00522.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.02 pm (HI-RES)
DSC00522.JPG illustration
DSC0522.JPG - Object A.
Elongated object with some undefinable elevations on top of it. The little red dot just above is an error on the photosensor.
DSC00522.JPG Unidentified Flying Elongated Object A1
DSC00522.JPG Unidentified Flying Elongated Object A11
DSC0522.JPG - Object C.
Just a dot, but something is there...
DSC00522.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (dot ufo)C1
DSC00522.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (dot ufo)C9

DSC00524.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.04 pm (HI-RES)
DSC00524.JPG illustration
DSC0524.JPG - Object A.
Elongated very faint object that seem to be cylinder-shaped.
DSC00524.JPG Unidentified Flying Elongated Object A1
DSC00524.JPG Unidentified Flying Elongated Object A3

DSC00525.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.04 pm (HI-RES)
DSC00525.JPG illustration
DSC0525.JPG - Object A.
Elongated object that also seem to be cylinder-shaped, but it gives me some weird associations of a particular part of mans body...
DSC00525.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (tube ufo) A1
DSC00525.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (tube ufo) A6
DSC0525.JPG - Object C.
Strange object with its "arms in the air", could be a spider maybe?
DSC00525.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (odd ufo) C1
DSC00525.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (odd ufo) C8

DSC00526.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.58 pm (HI-RES)
DSC00526.JPG illustration
DSC0526.JPG - Object A.
Three black spheres in a row, maybe the same that was docked to the object in image DSC0520.JPG?
DSC00526.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (sphere ufos) A8
DSC00526.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (sphere ufos) A11

DSC00527.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.48.04 pm (HI-RES)
DSC00527.JPG illustration
DSC0527.JPG - Object A.
Just a dot, but something is there...
DSC00527.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (dot ufo) A1
DSC00527.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (dot ufo) A5
DSC0527.JPG - Object C.
Just a dot, but something is there...
DSC00527.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (dot ufo) C1
DSC00527.JPG Unidentified Flying Object (dot ufo) C5

Object B, the white UFO!

White spheres
One of the objects I first thought was a small cloud or condensation, was object B, and this is the only UFO that shows up white! When I compared the four images where the white object is visible (DSC0515.JPG, DSC0516.JPG, DSC0519.JPG, DSC0520.JPG), I saw it moved around the sky from image to image and over fair distances with only few seconds intervals. From picture DSC0515.JPG to DSC0516.JPG, it moves a nice distance upwards in the sky in Less than 2 seconds, and from picture DSC0516.JPG to DSC0519.JPG it travels nearly the double of that distance in less than 2 seconds.
Object B observe F16?
Based on the illustration above, that shows where object B and the F16 aircraft was in the sky with time stamps, it looks like this UFO took a look at the F16 and not vice versa in this particular situation! I hope the pilot got some pictures too, so he did not flew home in vain. Below you have thumbnails of all the other objects.
Black spheres (8)
Black spheres
Discs (5)
Tube / Cylinder UFOs (3)
Cylinder UFOs
Other type (1)
Other type
In writing on november 4, 2017, I am updating this article and have gone through all the pictures again. The only object I still thinks can have the potential to be an insect, is object C (Other type 1) in DSC0525.JPG. When I study the other objects, insect is not the first thought that comes to mind. Some of the other fourteen spheres, discs, tubes and cylinders that are present in the thumbnails above, is a collection I created to show you all the objects together. Some of the objects in the 10 photos could be the very same, so how many UFOs there really was, is the question?

Recurring UFO fleet in my photos?

This incident was a big surprise to me. Looking through all these pics and watch this phenomenon play out, is something that your brain needs years to comprehend. But this event was not outstanding, because I have been lucky to photograph UFO fleets four times now! First time is this one with the F16 dogfight that happened July 6th 2010, second time was on May 23, 2012, third time on May 25th 2017 (which I'm still not done with) and the last one was on August 20th 2017. There are several different unidentified flying objects in the pictures to the four fleet articles, that covers the most typical shapes people can be lucky to see in the sky. Besides the spheres, the elongated and the discs, there are several other types present in my photos, among them the strange crafts with elevations you can find and see in the list below.
  • July 6th 2010: This article photo DSC0515.JPG Object A.
  • May 23, 2012: Second picture in this article
  • May 25th 2017: First picture in this article
  • August 20th 2017: Second, third and fourth image in this article

If its a recurring UFO fleet that poses in my photos, I can not know for sure, but there seem to be some characteristics of the vessels in those fleets, that could tie them together, specifically the object with elevations photographed on May 25th 2017 and on August 20th 2017, that looks pretty much the same to me!

Aliens from the other side

Even though it was a big surprise to see all these objects in the photographs along with a fighter plane, the phenomenon has been almost an integral part of my life, which started seriously when I was 12 years old. That was back in 1981, where I had my first UFO sighting with a craft that landed and with subsequent contact (and then I visited the presumed landing place decades later on August 9th 2013, a genuine flying saucer came by and was captured on photographs). Next sighting I had, happened in 1988 and involved a Boeing 747 and three white spheres, and it goes on...
I can not for good reasons move into my contact story, since it is far too bulky to bring here. It's a separate project that will show up on my other blog here in the future.
However, I can briefly tell you, that these aliens are both humanoids with almost the same appearance as us, and the smaller ones, not the little gray ones with big heads, but just smaller guys with a slightly different appearance than us. The smaller ones are those who seem to be wise, they are administrators who control the process of incarnating on Earth. They are from "the other side", the place you probably go when you die. They are here only to observe and to support psychologically, not to interfere physically. There is NO intention to harm any man or woman, or any pilot.

I was prepared...

In the years up to where I bought my first camera in 2009, I had experienced dramatic flights over my city a couple of times already and wondered why they flew so wild? They have their practice areas where they train using their weapon systems, which of course does not take place over a city, but most over water I think, where no residents can be in danger or complain. There have been several cases with residents in the vicinity of our bases that have complained about shaking and cracks in masonry, so there must be certain reservations in connection with exercises over land near residents.
I am familiar with other types of airplane exercises, including night flights, and here you can experience, from time to time, that they fly across the country in a loop and come across our city several times as they fly back and forth, and it always happens relatively quietly. So, when you are used to the usual relatively quiet and “normal” flyovers, you can not help wondering when a fighter suddenly stays in the area and makes an ear-dusting spectacle while it flies around, like if it was chasing something up there?
So, after I bought my first reflex camera in 2009, I made an appointment with myself, that if I again experienced drama in the sky over me with a fighter plane and I happened to have my camera with me, then I would take pictures. And on July 6th 2010 at 12.45 pm on my way up to visit a friend in the city, I got the chance and took it. I had the camera with me and began taking photos and the result is above. This was the first and maybe the last time I got a chance like this, because after this incident, I have not experienced dramatic flights over my city again…

Other military jets chasing UFOs:

UFO photography complete list

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