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I had the pleasure of experiencing Gary Heseltine in my hometown of Odense, Denmark November 1, 2011, where he gave a very interesting presentation on his UFO research, which he runs as a hobby alongside his work as a police officer in England. At the presentation he talks about the database PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings), which is a large collection of British police officers UFO sightings. It is officers both on duty, outside service and retired. The database contains to date over 500 cases from the period 1901-2011, involving over 1000 British police officers, who all have witnessed unexplainable events related to the UFO phenomenon.
At the presentation in Odense, which is organized by Exopolitic Denmark, he started to tell about himself and his background. He recounted his first experience at the age of 15 years, where he and his girlfriend observed an unidentified flying object, which took out the power from several residential neighborhoods that was layed black, while it passed over the houses. Then he tells a little about the background of PRUFOS and how the project were realized. And from there it is about the primary in his lecture, namely the many interesting cases from the database.

English police officer abduction case

One case is about a possible abduction case of an English police officer, who observed an object which blocked his way on the road. Later, this cop realized that he had lost a half hour he could not explain. Using regression and hypnosis 4 times in a row, 3 of them being recorded on tape, he tells exactly the same story all 4 times. There appears an incredible story about an encounter with aliens in a spaceship, where he is medically examined. It's actually the first time someone tries to describe the small grays as "Bulb-heads", which is creatures with big heads that looks like a classic incandescent bulb. Another very interesting case is the one with the two policemen who see an object the size of a stadium, which slowly and silently scans the countryside with lightbeams, only a few hundred meters from where they stand. This continues for 15 minutes after which it disappears in a split second. They do not see it move in any direction away from them, it just disappears in front of them, like when you turn off the light, click, gone...

UFO research with solid evidence

One should remember, that Gary Heseltine was an active police officer and know what evidence is. His activities on duty includes the gathering of reliable evidence. He knows what is good solid evidence and what is not, and that is precisely why he is interesting in connection with UFO research. He explains, among other things, that it is an important detail, that several witnesses sees the same event and from different angles.
A photo or a video is also evidence, but it is crucial, that there are consistent reports from several police officers at a time. One must remember they are trained observers, they know what to look for and how to report an incident. In the end of his lecture, he reviews the PRUFOS database statistical facts, that reveals a fair amount of obvious evidence, and then concludes that the UFO phenomenon is real and should be taken seriously.

Black triangles in Belgium

The audience had the opportunity to ask questions at the end, and the conversation turned, among other things, onto the incident with the black triangles in Belgium in 1990-1991, which Gary thinks is a very strong case, involving many radar stations picking up the objects. I remember this incident 20 years ago. It was actually reported in the Danish television, probably because they could not fail to notice that there were really something going on there.
Are you seriously interested in this exciting area of our reality, or just curious, then I highly recommend you to see Gary Heseltine´s presentation in the 3 videos below. I have seen many presentations from various conferences on UFOs, and will describe Gary Heseltine's presentation as one of the more interesting ones, that stands out from the others. He delivers his case professionally. There was no time I thought it was boring at all, you were held to the fire all the time and the 2 ½ hour was over all too quickly. After a convincing applause from the audience at the end, one could safely say we got solid evidence for success. Police officers UFO sightings should always be deeply interesting and absolutely worth of listen to!

Gary Heseltine presentation: UFOs and the police

The three videos below, is the presentation from Denmark, Odense, November 1st, 2011.

The second lecture took place in Copenhagen on Saturday November 5th 2011 at 6:45 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in Kulturhuset Indre By (Nansensgade), Store Sal, Charlotte Ammundsens Plads 3. The Gary Heseltine presentations in Denmark was organized by Exopolitics Denmark. For more information about Gary Heseltine go to PRUFOS
Gary Heseltine retired as police officer in March 2013 and is now the founder and editor of UFO Truth Magazine

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