Ball hits invisible unknown object above football field

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Ball hits invisible unknown object above football field, is based on an old video from 2006 that I think is interesting enough to offer a couple of lines for. We see a football game and the ball is kicked out over the football field and then it hits an invisible unknown object, that may be hovering just above the football field. You can see a weird line in the air exactly where the ball brushed, as if the ball made a track on an invisible surface in the air. There is actually a line in the air where the ball just brushed and you can see droplets of water dripping down from that track? The owner of the video, Adam Scheibeler, also seems to be surprised and thinks this is weird...
I can not know if there is something hanging down above the football field, but in the video nothing visible can be seen, so what could be hovering there? A UFO?

Straight line of water droplets indicates solid object

Unfortunately, I can not show you a screenshot from the video, but if you stop the video at 0:11, you can see a track mid-air after the ball and if you look closely, it looks like this track is a line of water droplets dripping down from there. The line is straight, which for me indicate a solid object that was not moved an inch, even then hit by the ball.
Instead the ball is re-directed by this unknown presence and continues back to the field. It is highly unlikely, that something should be hanging above a football field, because what should it be? Lamps? Some kind of tarpaulin? No, it would not be appropiate.

Aliens betting on a football game

Something must be hovering above the football field, it is solid and it was strong enough to re-direct the ball. I ask my self what aliens would have to do with football? Maybe they had been betting on the game? I am joking! Well, if not aliens, one thing is sure, an unidentified flying object (UFO) must have been involved. What do you think?

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