UFO shows extreme acceleration

UFO shows extreme acceleration
In Youtube user ufowatcher5150´s video, this UFO shows a level of extreme acceleration and speed, that can not be done by our existing technology we know of. Some governments may have advanced technology in black projects that is not known to the public, which coincidentally ends up on some of the many video camcorders out there, lucky to catch some of these technologies on video.

UFOs in extreme acceleration

I have seen an object travel a lot faster than this refering to UFO sighting, landing and first contact, so I know by my own eyes, that there is a great possibility for those who look up often, to see accelerations like these. The UFO in the video above accelerates to speeds way over what we are used to see in the skies.

Speed of light

It seems to accelerate to an extreme speed towards space. Notice how the light from the object fades down when it reaches a certain speed. Could that be because it reaches speed of light? None of us knows how it looks when an object reaches the speed of light, but I can easily imagine how light will be weakened with the speed of light, because if an object travels faster than the light, how can light shine back against the spot it travels away from? Light would stop radiating in the direction it travels away from with the speed of light, but in the opposite direction where the light travels towards, it should actually increase in intensity? I am not a scientist...
There is a lot of activity in ufowatcher5150´s second video above, which is also an acceleration, and it makes me a bit nervous, because isn´t it too good to be true to record this TWICE!? The video has not been flipped horizontally and re-uploaded, it is indeed two different videos. Both videos with UFOs in extreme acceleration seems legit to me, but I cannot be 100% sure.

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  1. 這條馬路很乾淨,都沒有任何雜物。?

    1. 它已经 - 这是很难知道它是什么,但一些不明飞行速度很快