Flying saucer with orbiting transformer-probe

A classic flying saucer with fast orbiting (and spookie) "transformer"-probe filmed over Denmark, Odense, on June 19th 2012 at 1.57 pm.
Me and my friend sat and relaxed in her allotment garden (again), when I suddenly see a dark disc-shaped object quite close, actually a classic flying saucer like a dish upside down, that stood still in the air few seconds and then abruptly, but still smoothly, sets in motion. In the 3 minutes long observation, it silently moves farther and farther away, until I can not see it anymore. At one point, I noticed a smaller secondary object, that was flying fast around the larger UFO. There were no jet-engine or propeller noise to hear at all, as you can check out in the video below. Unfortunately, my friend didn´t see the object while she was talking in her phone...
The top left picture (250x250 pixels) is from a screenshot of one frame (1920x1080 pixels) from the original *.mts videofile (see video below) played back in Windows Media Player, and filtered with auto tone in Photoshop.

Drawing of the UFO sighting

As you can see in my drawing to your left, this is how I experienced the UFO sighting. The drawing of the unidentified flying object are pretty much how I saw it, then I first discovered it hovering steady in the sky. The exact distance to the object is a bit unclear, but a guess would be around 500-800 meters.

Basic observation data

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