Amazing UFO sighting in Denmark (video analysis)

I made a short video analysis of a UFO sighting filmed in Denmark, Alleroed, by youtube user "Femse" this year August 7, 2010. It is not a scientific analysis, just me trying to make this amazing sighting obvious for the viewer. The video contains some small lights / objects, which have been seen and filmed often before. Some of them can be Chinese lanterns, but this one is very different from the others, because one or two larger unidentified flying objects with lights on, are following the small ones or the other way round. This is an interesting UFO case, because the same type of mysterious light, more specifically the large object you see in the article picture above left and around one minute into the video analysis, was observed in North Carolina in Hendersonville October 17, 2011, one year and 70 days after the sighting in Denmark. The North Carolina UFO was observed by three witnesses who recorded the object, as it traveled across the sky, exactly as the UFOs did in Denmark.

The original video uploaded by youtube user "Femse"

Video analysis short

I think the sighting in Hendersonville supports Femse´s sighting in Denmark, because it reveals that she was probably not the only one who saw this phenomenon. The UFO from North Carolina that was reported to MUFON under case number #32678, is close to have the same profile as the one filmed in Denmark, with one big light and two smaller ones. There is indeed some correlation in the characteristics here, please go and see for your self in the North Carolina UFO Sighting

Witness description reported to SUFOI (source)

I stood in my garden and smoked a cigarette when I suddenly saw a big ball come flying. It flew faster than a plane and was completely silent. Since I could not see it anymore, I looked back from where it first came, and then 2 more, and so it went on for approx. 20 min. There were maybe 50 of them. We filmed it on the phone and took pictures with a digital camera. They flew all along the same route and same height. They were all the same size but one that was maybe twice as big. It seemed like it flew closer, and not quite the same path as the others, but ended with flying the same course as the first, and then disappeared into the horizon. It ended with I could not see them anymore because they were blocked from my field of view of trees and roofs.

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