UFO sighting involving low-flying Boeing 747

My second UFO sighting was around July or August 1988, the sky was blue and I think it was just after noon around 1 or 2 pm. I was on my way home and walked the path that leads directly to the spot where I had my first UFO sighting 7 years earlier. So there I was again only around 100 meters from my home, and I looked straight ahead and saw a big airplane comming directly towards me from a westerly direction slightly to my right side at very low altitude. Maybe 2000 feet. It had 4 jet engines and I could discern a hump above the cockpit, and presumed it was a Boeing 747 passenger jet going very low for some reason? I followed the plane with my eyes and then it passed over me, I looked straight up into the bottom of the plane. Then the 747´s horizontal stabilizer, the rear, disappeared out of my straight up vertical sight, I looked up in the blue sky above the plane and discovered some birds high up there. I thought it was seagulls flying around high above the plane.

White luminous objects in triangle formation

From my position and point of view, they were actually flying around up there very close to where the plane would have been passing if it had the same altitude as these "birds". I remember I looked one more time after the plane, which continued it´s low flying path and then I looked up at the "birds" again. After a short moment I realizes, that it was probably not seagulls as I first assumed. I discovered it was three white luminous objects that flew in a quite unique way. They flew in a strict triangle formation, moving in between each other in a cyclic pattern I to date have not seen any terrestrial objects imitate. Then I finally got aware of this very strange pattern in the sky, which was quite mathematical, I realized I was witness to a real UFO sighting.

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

Those unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were very high up and because of a strong sunlight, it was hard for me to focus my eyesight on the objects. I had to look straight up and because of that, I quickly got a sore neck and had to look down again. After 5 minutes or so, I began walking home while I continued to observe the objects, switched between looking straight up and down. I reached my home, ran through the garage and out in the backyard, looked straight up again and yes, they were still there. I remember I shouted to my mum, stepdad and sister, which were inside the house at the time, that they should come out and see the UFO. Unfortunately, at that time we had a very bad atmosphere at home and apparently nobody wanted to listen or take notice of my shouting outside in our backyard. At last I got more and more pain in the back of my neck and I tried to lay down on the grass and observe them from there, but I learned this was not the best solution, because my sight began to blur. Finally I gave up watching the UFOs and walked into the house trying to get the attention of my family, but still with no results. Around 5 minutes later I walked out in the backyard again and now the objects has disappeared. I checked again a little later, but they were gone. I observed the unidentified flying objects for 15 minutes.

Animation of the cyclical pattern

The animation below illustrates the object's triangle formation in which they moved in a cyclical pattern, and it was exactly that detail that made me convinced, that it was something extraterrestrial I observed. When one of the objects moved in between the other two objects, it began slowly and then speeded up in the middle and slowed down again, and the next object began to move. It was a very bizarre sighting and the objects were right above me through the whole observation.
They didn´t seem to move at all, they just hovered and made their cyclic triangle formation on the spot. I do not remember I heard any noise from the UFOs. After the plane had left the area and the jet engine noise was gone, everything was normal and quiet again. I've seen numerous videos with the same white lights in the sky, but never the way I saw it that day. You may wonder just like me, what this cyclic triangular pattern really means, if it means something at all? Their movements were very precise performed and kept inside the same triangle pattern all the time. I experienced it as symbolic and mathematical and it´s not an everyday phenomena you are used to see in the sky.

The Boeing 747

I think it took a couple of days before I was fully aware, that the Boeing 747 maybe had played a crucial role in this UFO incident. There must have been a reason why it flew so low. We don´t have an airport nearby that can handle Boeing 747´s, so was it directed down to a lower altitude to avoid a collision with these objects? It is certainly a question that plagues me and it would be great to find the pilots who flew the plane and hear their story. Unfortunately, it is not sure we ever get the opportunity to hear the pilots account, because it is now over 20 years ago it happened. Had they visual contact with the unidentified flying objects? Had they seen the objects on the aircraft's radar? Did they know why they were directed down to a lower altitude?

Observation map and illustration

In the map below, the blue line is the path I walked home. The red arrow shows the flightpath heading in an eastern direction about 100 degrees east.

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Basic observation data

  • Denmark, Odense, Juny, July or August 1988 at noon around 1.00 and 2:00 pm
  • Observation position: 55 21'10" N - 10 22'19" E
  • Compass direction: NONE (they were right above me)

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