Lanzarote white UFO spheres

Shot that one UFO photo of two white UFO spheres hovering over the sea out of Lanzarote east coast on Juny 3, 2010 at noon 0.09 pm (local time). It was on a vacation in Lanzarote and I was there with my family. One day we rented a car and drove out on a trip around the island, which is not very big. We came to Las Playas, the second biggest town on the eastcoast near the airport. We parked the car and we went on a little walk.
Lanzarote white UFO spheres
While the rest of my family looked for shops and things to buy, I used my time to shoot photos. A week after I discovered, that on one photo, something that looks like two spheres, had been immortalized in my photography.
Zoom 1

Lanzarote UFO spheres

The pictures above is taken from the road Av De Las Playas and the camera points in an eastern direction. I am totally sure these spheres are real UFOs, they cannot be lens flares and you can see that in the second last photo below (just before the airplane photo). I haven´t seen other examples of that type of lens flare before. As you may see, the two pictures above is from the same original photo, but scaled down. You can barely distinguish one of the objects to the left for the middle in the photo, just above the brown smoke, which by the way is from a nearby oil-fired power plant in Lanzarote.
Zoom 2
The picture above is a cropped and enlarged version of the original photo that shows two white UFO spheres as clear as possible, just above the brown nasty smoke from a nearby oil-fired power plant. As you also may have discovered, and I am sorry for that, but there is some dust visible in the photo, not on the lens, but directly on the CCD photo sensor, and unfortunately, I did not have the necessary tools to clean the CCD.

Article update July 2017 with new close-up UFO pics

I took the clearest and biggest object of the two white spheres, and processed it in Photoshop. First picture below is not processed, but second picture below got some Auto Tone in Photoshop and is in grayscale. Both was magnified, see results below:
Update normal image
Update processed image
I can say so much, that the object in above picture is not a lens flare. As I can see it, this object must be a real physical object, which is round on one side, and it have some indentation on it´s left side, like if there where a hole into the object.
The last picture below is taken from the pub "The Grasshopper" at 1:16 pm (Lanzarote local time), where we ate lunch. I shot the picture in a south-east direction out over the sea, but there is no UFOs to see here 7 minutes after the first picture was taken...
I didn´t see any UFOs while photographing and no one around me seemed to have noticed anything. The sunlight was very strong and those white orbs had in any case been difficult to discern, but I was lucky to produce some UFO photography.

Basic observation data

  • Lanzarote, Las Playas, Juny 3, 2010 at noon 0.09 pm (local time)
  • Camera position: 28 55'12" N - 13 39'46" V
  • Compass direction: East

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