Strange shape-shifting UFO

I have to pinch myself in the arm when I look at UFO photos of this weird flying object, a strange shape-shifting UFO I actually saw in the distance while I was shooting pictures of some aviation contrails out of my window early in the morning April 12, 2010 at 6.50 AM.
Shape-shifting UFO close-up
Then I first discovered this flying object, I immediately assumed it to be a regular Cessna-type single-engine airplane, and I remember how I saw it flying while I was shooting the pictures. It was moving slowly and steadily forward exactly as you would expect with a small airplane seen at distance. At one point, it looked like it turned a little bit, because the reflection of sunlight changed slowly on the objects surface, still with the same calm and constant movement. It had no bird-like behavior like flapping wings and I heard no sound from an airplane, which I didn´t expect because of the distance.
Shape-shifting UFO in the distance
Based on my visual observation of this object, I shifted my focus away from the supposed aircraft and focused on the aviation contrail alone. But fortunately, the object was in the same direction as the aviation contrail and was included in the photos anyway.

UFO changes shape within 2 seconds interval

The following photos are taken with only 2 seconds apart, and as you can see, the object quickly changes shape from picture to picture (or moves about its own axis?). Taken into account, that it was believed to be a smaller airplane, it is strange to discover this "airplane" behave as it does in the photos, see for your self below.
Strange shape-shifting UFO DSC06934.JPG
Strange shape-shifting UFO DSC06935.JPG
Strange shape-shifting UFO DSC06936.JPG
Strange shape-shifting UFO DSC06937.JPG
Strange shape-shifting UFO DSC06938.JPG
So, is this a real UFO I caught on photography that seem to change shape? Or is it a small airplane, or just a bird with white body and black wings? For me it does NOT look like an ordinary aircraft like a single-engine airplane. I have never ever seen that kind of thing before and therefore I can´t identify what it is. The course I had about aircraft recognition in the military years ago, does not help me much here. I don´t think it is a bird when the object is well away in the distance, and if it should be a bird, then I have probably discovered a new species of bird the size of a small car or maybe bigger.

From flying saucer-shape to bird-like shape

As you can see in the UFO photos above, this object has a white body centered between something I would call dark-colored wings or some kind of pontoons, that seems to change shape and move around the object from picture to picture. It goes from a flying saucer-shape to a more bird-like shape. The dark parts, wings, pontoons or whatever, seem to be both spread out and retracted, and it all happens within only 2 seconds intervals, which is the timeperiod between each of the 5 grayscale UFO photos above, so the illustration below is a 10 seconds UFO sighting documented on photography.
Strange shape-shifting UFO illustration
I tried as hard as I could to construct the flight path as precise as possible, and plot the positions of the object from each grayscale photo above into the photo above, which is by the way taken the same day as the other photos. It shows the contrails I was photographing while a UFO apparently was passing in front of them. As I described at the top of the page, the object seemed to turn at a moment. I could see a change in the reflection from the sunlight on the object and it might have happend around point 2 and 3 because of the shorter distance.
My conclusion is, that this object is too big to be a bird and cannot be an airplane, because an airplane would have been easy to see. The object clearly changes it´s shape from picture to picture, and an airplane would not do that as fast as this object does. The dark part of this unidentified flying object, the wings or pontoons, are both spread out and retracted, while it seem to follow a straight path in one direction. At some point, the object in photo number two (DSC06935) looks a bit like the Saqqara Bird, which was found in 1898 in a tomb at Saqquara, Egypt, that dated back to about 200 BCE, but that is wild imagination. The best term for this particular case must be "UFO"...
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Basic observation data

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