Large stationary UFO sphere

Large stationary UFO sphere sitting on a cloudstripe in the sunset over Denmarks third biggest city, Odense, on September 13, 2009 at 7.36 pm local time, was the very first UAP pictures I shot with my new DSLR camera. It happened on my way home on a bicycle trip from a visit with my mom, I had my new Sony Alpha 100 reflex camera with me, not with the intention to shoot UFO pictures, but merely just to photographing and learn how to use my new camera. I stopped near Niels Bohrs avenue (somewhere between grocery store Bilka and South-Danish University), and took several pictures of a beautiful sunset, but without discovering a spherical object that sat stationary on a cloud-stripe in the horizon several kilometers away.
Large stationary UFO sphere
Few days later I looked through a total of 14 photos of the sunset and managed to delete 10 of them, because of poor photo quality (never do that before you have seen all pics in a serie) and because I was still unaware of the ball-shaped object.

Stationary UFO sphere

The last four photos was the best of them all, and in those pics, I noticed a little dark spot sitting the same place on the same cloud-stripe in all four photos. When I magnified this spot, it definitely looked like a spherical object that seemed stationary, hovering on the cloud-stripe with something that looks like it´s own cloud system around the stationary UFO, made up by some lighter coloured clouds. It looks ghost-like to me, unless the whole thing is a meteorological phenomenon creating a shadow from darker clouds behind?

Cloud animation

I would like to see how this shadow, or sphere, behaved from the time when I shot the first picture to the time I shot the last and fourth picture (the 4 best photos were taken in a series with few seconds between), and made the animation in Photoshop you see below. The images are played back by 0.8 sec. intervals and the animation clearly shows a spherical object hovering in a stationary position, while the surrounding clouds passing by the object both behind and ahead from left to right. Also notice the white fog around the UFO, which seems to move very little in the animation, while clouds ahead and behind moves much faster. The fog seem to be in an area without wind.
The above animation are based on the 4 photos in the list below. If you put up those full-size photos on your own desktop monitor, tablet or smartphone, you can barely see this object sitting on the cloud-stripe. You´ll find it between the black tree-line below and the large dark cloud area top-down just below middle, close to center on the left side. See and judge for your self, whether it is a local thickening in meteorological sense, or a physical unidentified flying object.

Dust on the lens?

Photos were not taken with the same angle. I had the camera in hand, not on tripod, and changed the angle a bit while shooting the pictures. And that´s the reason why I think dust on the lens as explanation cannot be relevant. Dust would reveal itself when a dust particle moves around with the camera frame as a second layer upon the image. The dust particle would probably stay in that same place in the frame, while everything else that is photographed will move around in that same frame. The spherical object in the photos are maybe not 100% in focus, but very close. My actual target was the red and orange colored clouds right above the object and had no intent to shoot UFO pictures at that time.
The object is located about 3-4 degrees above horizon, maybe less. I do not know the distance to the cloud stripe which the object is sitting on. I guess it is at least 2-3 km away from my position, maybe more, and it tells something about the size of this UFO.
I used a standard lens (3.5-5.6/18-70) and the focal length on all four photos was 70,00(mm). If you study the photos in the list above, which is the non-cropped full-size originals, it might give you an idea of the distance to the object.

Basic observation data

This observation was reported

This observation was reported to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and SUFOI (Scandinavian UFO Information), and in connection with reporting to SUFOI, were 2 of a total of 4 images evaluated by John Cappelen on DMI (Danish meteorological Institute). Below is an extract of SUFOI's UFO-mail No. 112 back in 2009.

Local meteorological phenomenon says DMI

SUFOI's Photo Department turned naturally to the Danish Meteorological Institute, DMI, who are experts in this type of phenomena in the sky.
Senior Climatological John Cappelen subsequent replies:
The pictures does not tell me much beyond the purely meteorological. One can always find weird stuff on skypictures - then by analyzing them ... and things that are seen also depends on the eye of the beholder.

In meteorological terms, clouds in the picture was attached to a front that separated cool air with rain over southeast Denmark from warmer air to the northwest. There was no altocumulus or altostratus, some places with a little structure and localized in two layers. With a little effort you can also see a single short fall stripe.

The dark stain that has not changed between the two images, is in my opinion due to a local thickening, eventually the shadow by a cloud behind.

End of quote ~ John Cappelen, DMI

SUFOI concludes:
So there is after DMI's expert opinion no doubt, that the dark pattern is a local meteorological phenomenon that only in this case has come to look very strange in the photographs.

End of quote ~ SUFOI

My note regarding John Cappelen and SUFOI

I am glad that climatologist John Cappelen from DMI has seen some of the pictures. From what I understand from his statement, he concludes nothing but just feel that it may be a local thickening, perhaps the shadow of a cloud behind. My own personal experience with photography in general, in light of the over 4800 images I have taken so far of clouds and cloud formations, tells me, that John Cappelen's presumption may well be correct. But you should also just remember, that his opinion is an opinion, and not a solid scientific conclusion on anything, but merely a presumption and the door is therefore still open to more possible explanations. So I am not satisfied with SUFOI then they, on John's Cappelen´s behalf, draws the conclusion, that there is no doubt, that it is merely a local meteorological phenomenon..!

My own assessment

Today at the time of writing August 26th 2017, I've had 8 years to go wondering what's in those four pictures, but I have no conclusion on what it could be. The animation above seem to underline, that a large spherical object really could be sitting stationary on the cloud in the sunset, but more photos is needed before I can conclude anything. If this was just an optical illusion caused by a meteorological phenomenon, or actually a pretty large UFO sphere in the horizon, is still the question I ask my self today.!?

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  1. The problem with great sightings like this one is the very poor resolution and the lack of corroborating witnesses.