Strange shape-shifting UFO

Is this a real UFO that seems to change shape, somekind of small airplane or just a bird with white body and black wings? Well, I shot a series of pictures of some clouds and contrails out of my window in westerly direction early in the morning April 12, 2010 at 6.50 AM and actually saw this flying object in a northern direction, but assumed it immediately to be a small Cessna-type single-engine airplane and focused myself on the condensation trail you can see in the bottom picture. So it annoys me a bit after I examined this object in the images, that I did not focus on that particular object and fired a few more shots of it. For me, it looks like the object in the images is not an ordinary aircraft like a single-engine airplane that there are a lot of in our skies, but looks more like a strange looking flying craft (UFO) that I can not identify. What it looks like or what it is I have no idea. I do not think it could be a bird when the object is well away and if it should be a bird, then I have probably discovered a new species of bird the size of a small car or maybe bigger.

The object followed a steady course upward (see bottom picture) and looked like it was turning a bit at a moment, because the reflection of light from the sun changed slowly on the object at one point. It had no bird-like behavior like flapping wings. I heard no sound from an airplane at the time.

As you can see in the pictures, this object has a white "body" centered between something I would call dark colored "wings", that seems to change shape from picture to picture. It goes from a flying saucer-shape to a bird-like shape. Another detail you should notice, is that the white part of the object seems to be on top of the dark part on the first photo, but below on the other 4 images? The dark part seems to be both spread out and retracted and it all happens within only 2 seconds intervals, which is the timeperiod between each of the 5 photos I show here. So the scenery below is a 10 seconds UFO sighting documented on photography.

Be aware, that on top of the large pictures below, you´ll find a link to the original photo...

DSC06934 (High Quality)

DSC06935 (High Quality)

DSC06936 (High Quality)

DSC06937 (High Quality)

DSC06938 (High Quality)

I tried as hard as I could to construct the flight path as precise as possible, and plot the positions of the object from each picture above into the picture below, which is by the way taken the same day as the other photos. It shows the contrails I was photographing while a UFO apparently was passing in front of them. As I described at the top of the page, the object seemed to turn at a moment. I could see a change in the reflection from the sunlight on the object and it might have happend around point 2 and 3 because of the shorter distance.

My humble conclusion is, that this object is too big to be a bird and it can not be an airplane, because it clearly changes shape from picture to picture, because the dark part of this unidentified flying object, the "wings", are both spread out and retracted, while it seems to follow a straight path in one direction. At some point, the object in photo number two (DSC06935) looks a bit like the Saqqara Bird, which was found in 1898 in a tomb at Saqquara, Egypt, that dated back to about 200 BCE, but that must be my wildest imagination. I think the best category-term for this particular case is "UFO"...

Basic observation data

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