Cigar-shaped UFO

A cigar-shaped UFO was photographed while taking photos of a sun halo over Denmark back in October 9th 2009, on a day the sky was covered in a thin veil of high altitude cirrus clouds, cluttered with remnants of condensation trails from aircrafts. Around 1.30 pm I looked out my window in a westerly direction, looked up to the left and saw a halo around the sun. Since it was first time I had the opportunity to photograph a sun halo with my new bought camera, I hurried down to our back yard, put the camera on tripod and took 8 pictures with short intervals. On one of the photos, a cylindric tube-shaped object appears. I have seen this type of cigar-shaped object before in videos and photos taken by others and know they are there, but I never dreamed about to be so lucky, to photograph a sun halo adorned with a cigar-shaped UFO.

As you can see above, I got an airliner and its condensation trail on the same image as the cigar-shaped object. I had discovered the plane and zoomed in to take pictures of it, but I saw no UFO at that time. Let me add, that I was quickly blinded by the sun and my photosession was quickly settled. A faintly luminous object, that easily could fell in with the background, had in any case been difficult to discern. It was only later when I looked through all the images that I discovered the unidentified flying object, which only appeared on one of the images.

I used the Auto Levels (Auto Tone) feature, and manually adjusted brightness and contrast in Photoshop, to clarify the object optimally, and I got the results you can see above and below (in greyscale). On both pictures, you can see a faint dark stripe that forms a tail after the object, and has almost the same angle as the object itself, but with a slight difference. I wonder if this is just a dark pattern in the cloud behind or if it´s a type of exhaust from the mysterious object, perhaps a kind of engine-related interaction with the space around the object?

These dark streaks or bursts have been observed before. Among other Leo Nygaard from Munkebo on Fyn, Denmark, observed and videofilmed back in september 15th 1996, an object that had such dark bursts. In this video (watch from 0:22), Mr. Nygaard tells about his observation and reports, that some "streaks" came out from the object. You can actually see these streaks in the video. Are these the same type you can see in my photo? Mr. Nygaards observation has until this day never been solved.

On the picture above, the object appears more cylindrical than cigar-shaped, with distinct curves at each end. The rise in the middle seems to be a kind of flash of light. One can almost sense the cylindrical shape continued below the patchy discharge as pixelation of the picture indicates. For me it seem to be a real physical object in 3D.

Is it a Lens Flare?

A lens flare is typically created by the emergence of internal reflections in the lens of a camera, because artificial light, sunlight for example, unwanted hits the surface of the lens. A good example of lens flare can be seen in the image to the right, where unwanted light scatters in over the image. By photographing the solar halo, all photos was shot with camera on tripod and I turned the camera slightly up to the right to zoom in on the airplane, so the angle of the light source has been changed a bit. My experience with Lens Flare is, that had there been one, it would probably have appeared on more of the pictures. When you see a lens flare through your


viewfinder, try to slightly change the angle. You will then see the flare does not disappear immediately, but slowly. It simply stays visible over a range of x degrees / x arcminutes, depending on how the light interacts with the optics. Another lens flare you can see below, at first glance, it looks much like the same as the cigar UFO from October 9, 2009.

But I get another result using Auto Levels, brightness and contrast in Photoshop, and it reveals it self below. It´s transparent and you can see the contrail through the yellowish flare.

And grayscale...

Below you have all 8 photos as thumbnails with hours, minutes and seconds in the same order they were taken that day - click them to study the original Hi-Res UFO photos.

Image 1.
Image 2.
Image 3.
Image 4.

Image 5. (w/UFO)

Image 6.

Image 7.

Image 8.

On picture no. 4. (13:37:04pm) I had zoomed max onto the plane. Then I zoomed out a little and took picture no 5. (13:37:12pm), which apparently caught a cigar-shaped UFO. Then 8 seconds later, I zoomed max out and corrected the camera to take picture no. 6 (13:37:20pm) of the solar halo in its full glory, and now the object has disappeared...

Basic observation data

Other cigar-shaped or cylindrical UFOs

These cylindrical or cigar-shaped UFOs has been photographed and filmed before. If you Google “cigar-shaped UFO” and click on the Images-tab in the top left of your browser, a lot of pictures shows up. Not all of them are real UFOs but identified as known terrestrial flying objects. Only a few of them indicates, that they can be non-terrestrial crafts apparently unknown to us.

Let me point out some of them here for you and please see the related links below this text for further study. Remember the old footage from Rhode Island 1967, that shows a tube-shaped object hover unstable in an oblique angle? There is the footage from the cockpit of a Russian MIG fighter jet, apparently chasing a cylindrical-shaped UFO as seen accelerating out of sight. There is the observation from Salida, Colorado 27th August 1995, where Tim Edwards and his daughter discovers an elongated luminous object in the sky, then filming and observing it for one hour. There is also Jeff Willes cylindrical UFO filmed over Phoenix USA back in 2005, and that one looks very identical to the craft seen in a fresh new video from October 18, 2011, where about 60 students and four teachers from a school in the city of Chimbote, Peru, saw a cylindrical UFO flying through the clouds and the witnesses rushed to record the phenomenon. See all related videos below...

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