Amazing UFO sighting in Denmark (video analysis)

I made a short video analysis of a UFO sighting filmed in Denmark, Alleroed, by youtube user "Femse" this year August 7, 2010. It is not a scientific analysis, just me trying to make this amazing sighting obvious for the viewer. The video contains some small lights / objects, which have been seen and filmed often before. Some of them can be Chinese lanterns, but this one is very different from the others, because one or two larger unidentified flying objects with lights on, are following the small ones or the other way round. This is an interesting UFO case, because the same type of mysterious light, more specifically the large object you see in the article picture above left and around one minute into the video analysis, was observed in North Carolina in Hendersonville October 17, 2011, one year and 70 days after the sighting in Denmark. The North Carolina UFO was observed by three witnesses who recorded the object, as it traveled across the sky, exactly as the UFOs did in Denmark.

The original video uploaded by youtube user "Femse"

Video analysis short

I think the sighting in Hendersonville supports Femse´s sighting in Denmark, because it reveals that she was probably not the only one who saw this phenomenon. The UFO from North Carolina that was reported to MUFON under case number #32678, is close to have the same profile as the one filmed in Denmark, with one big light and two smaller ones. There is indeed some correlation in the characteristics here, please go and see for your self in the North Carolina UFO Sighting

Witness description reported to SUFOI (source)

I stood in my garden and smoked a cigarette when I suddenly saw a big ball come flying. It flew faster than a plane and was completely silent. Since I could not see it anymore, I looked back from where it first came, and then 2 more, and so it went on for approx. 20 min. There were maybe 50 of them. We filmed it on the phone and took pictures with a digital camera. They flew all along the same route and same height. They were all the same size but one that was maybe twice as big. It seemed like it flew closer, and not quite the same path as the others, but ended with flying the same course as the first, and then disappeared into the horizon. It ended with I could not see them anymore because they were blocked from my field of view of trees and roofs.

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UFO sighting involving a Boeing 747

My second experience with the UFO phenomena

My second UFO sighting was around Juny, July or August 1988, the sky was blue and I think it was just after noon around 1 or 2 pm. I was on my way home and walked the path that leads directly to the spot where I had my first UFO sighting 7 years earlier. So there I was again only around 100 meters from my home, and I looked straight ahead and saw a big airplane comming directly towards me from a westerly direction slightly to my right side at very low altitude. Maybe 2000 feet. It had 4 jet engines and I could discern a hump above the cockpit, and presumed it was a Boeing 747 passenger jet going very low for some reason? I followed the plane with my eyes and then it passed over me, I looked straight up into the bottom of the plane. Then the 747´s horizontal stabilizer, the rear, disappeared out of my straight up vertical sight, I looked up in the blue sky above the plane and discovered some birds high up there. I thought it was seagulls flying around high above the plane.

From my position and point of view, they were actually flying around up there very close to where the plane would have been passing if it had the same altitude as these "birds". I remember I looked one more time after the plane, which continued it´s low flying path and then I looked up at the "birds" again. After a short moment I realizes, that it was probably not seagulls as I first assumed. I discovered it was three white luminous objects that flew in a quite unique way. They flew in a strict triangle formation, moving in between each other in a cyclic pattern I to date have not seen any terrestrial objects imitate. Then I finally got aware of this very strange pattern in the sky, which was quite mathematical, I realized I was witness to a real UFO sighting.

Those unidentified flying objects were very high up and because of a strong sunlight, it was hard for me to focus my eyesight on the objects. I had to look straight up and because of that, I quickly got a sore neck and had to look down again. After 5 minutes or so, I began walking home while I continued to observe the objects, switched between looking straight up and down. I reached my home, ran through the garage and out in the backyard, looked straight up again and yes, they were still there. I remember I shouted to my mum, stepdad and sister, which were inside the house at the time, that they should come out and see the UFO. Unfortunately, at that time we had a very bad atmosphere at home and apparently nobody wanted to listen or take notice of my shouting outside in our backyard. At last I got more and more pain in the back of my neck and I tried to lay down on the grass and observe them from there, but I learned this was not the best solution, because my sight began to blur. Finally I gave up watching the UFOs and walked into the house trying to get the attention of my family, but still with no results. Around 5 minutes later I walked out in the backyard again and now the objects has disappeared. I checked again a little later, but they were gone. I observed the unidentified flying objects for 15 minutes.

Animation of UFO triangle formation

The animation to the right illustrates the object's triangle formation in which they moved in a cyclical pattern, and it was exactly that detail that made me convinced, that it was something extraterrestrial I observed. When one of the objects moved in between the other two objects, it began slowly and then speeded up in the middle and slowed down again, and the next object began to move. It was a very bizarre sighting and the objects were right above me through the whole observation. They didn´t seem to move at all, they just hovered and made their cyclic triangle formation on the spot. I do not remember I heard any noise from the UFOs. After the plane had left the area and the jet engine noise was gone, everything was normal and quiet again. I've seen numerous videos with the same white lights in the sky, but never the way I saw it that day. You may wonder just like me, what this cyclic triangular pattern really means, if it means something at all? Their movements were very precise performed and kept inside the same triangle pattern all the time. I experienced it as symbolic and mathematical and it´s not an everyday phenomena you are used to see in the sky.

The Boeing 747

I think it took a couple of days before I was fully aware, that the Boeing 747 maybe had played a crucial role in this UFO incident. There must have been a reason why it flew so low. We don´t have an airport nearby that can handle Boeing 747´s, so was it directed down to a lower altitude to avoid a collision with these objects? It is certainly a question that plagues me and it would be great to find the pilots who flew the plane and hear their story. Unfortunately, it is not sure we ever get the opportunity to hear the pilots account, because it is now over 20 years ago it happened. Had they visual contact with the unidentified flying objects? Had they seen the objects on the aircraft's radar? Did they know why they were directed down to a lower altitude?

UFO observation map and illustration

In the map below, the blue line is the path I walked home. The red arrow shows the flightpath heading in an eastern direction about 100 degrees east.

©2011 Google Map data ©2011 Terms of Use

Basic observation data

  • Denmark, Odense, Juny, July or August 1988 at noon around 1.00 and 2:00 pm
  • Observation position: 55 21'10" N - 10 22'19" E
  • Compass direction: NONE (they were right above me)

Cyclic light UFOs

I can not find any examples that comes near the sighting I had, but I found one UFO video, that shows a craft moving very slowly and at the bottom, it has some strange light patterns, light that seem to move over the surface of the craft. I can´t prove this video below is genuine, but there are lots of details if you look carefully, and in the end of the video it´s obvious...

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Police officer Gary Heseltine presentation about British police officers UFO sightings

I had the pleasure of experiencing Gary Heseltine in my hometown of Odense, Denmark November 1, 2011, where he gave a very interesting presentation on his UFO research, which he runs as a hobby alongside his work as a police officer in England. At the presentation he talks about the database PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings), which is a large collection of British police officers UFO sightings. It is officers both on duty, outside service and retired. The database contains to date 425 cases from the period 1901-2011, involving 903 British police officers, who all have witnessed unexplainable events related to the UFO phenomenon.

At the presentation in Odense, which is organized by Exopolitic Denmark, he started to tell about himself and his background. He recounted his first experience at the age of 15 years, where he and his girlfriend observed an unidentified flying object, which took out the power from several residential neighborhoods that was layed black, while it passed over the houses. Then he tells a little about the background of PRUFOS and how the project were realized. And from there it is about the primary in his lecture, namely the many interesting cases from the database.

One case is about a possible abduction case of an English police officer, who observed an object which blocked his way on the road. Later, this cop realized that he had lost a half hour he could not explain. Using regression and hypnosis 4 times in a row, 3 of them being recorded on tape, he tells exactly the same story all 4 times. There appears an incredible story about an encounter with aliens in a spaceship, where he is medically examined. It's actually the first time someone tries to describe the small grays as "Bulb-heads", which is creatures with big heads that looks like a classic incandescent bulb. Another very interesting case is the one with the two policemen who see an object the size of a stadium, which slowly and silently scans the countryside with lightbeams, only a few hundred meters from where they stand. This continues for 15 minutes after which it disappears in a split second. They do not see it move in any direction away from them, it just disappears in front of them, like when you turn off the light, click, gone...

One should remember, that Gary Heseltine is an active police officer and know what evidence is. His activities on duty includes the gathering of reliable evidence. He knows what is good solid evidence and what is not, and that is precisely why he is interesting in connection with UFO research. He explains, among other things, that it is an important detail, that several witnesses sees the same event and from different angles. A photo or a video is also evidence, but it is crucial, that there are consistent reports from several police officers at a time. One must remember they are trained observers, they know what to look for and how to report an incident. In the end of his lecture, he reviews the PRUFOS database statistical facts, that reveals a fair amount of obvious evidence, and then concludes that the UFO phenomenon is real and should be taken seriously.

The audience had the opportunity to ask questions at the end, and the conversation turned, among other things, onto the incident with the black triangles in Belgium in 1990-1991, which Gary thinks is a very strong case, involving many radar stations picking up the objects. I remember this incident 20 years ago. It was actually reported in the Danish television, probably because they could not fail to notice that there were really something going on there.

Are you seriously interested in this exciting area of our reality, or just curious, then I highly recommend you to see Gary Heseltine´s lecture (see the 3 videos below). I have seen many presentations from various conferences on UFOs, and will describe Gary Heseltine's presentation as one of the more interesting ones, that stands out from the others. He delivers his case professionally. There was no time I thought it was boring at all, you were held to the fire all the time and the 2 ½ hour was over all too quickly. After a convincing applause from the audience at the end, one could safely say we got solid evidence for success.

Gary Heseltine Presentation: UFOs and the police

The three videos below, is the presentation from Denmark, Odense, november 1, 2011.

The second lecture took place in Copenhagen on Saturday November 5th 2011 at 6:45 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in Kulturhuset Indre By (Nansensgade), Store Sal, Charlotte Ammundsens Plads 3. The Gary Heseltine lectures in Denmark was organized by Exopolitics Denmark.

For more information about Gary Heseltine go to PRUFOS

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UFO sighting and landing Denmark 1981

My first UFO sighting and experience with the UFO phenomenon

The first UFO sighting (UFO landing) and experience with an extraterrestrial paranormal reality I had, was around 1981 in a 12-13 years age. I don´t remember the actual date but it was in the late summertime around 8.00-8.30 pm in the evening. Darkness had just fallen and the sky was cloudless and we could see the stars clearly. I was together with 4-5 other kids including my neighbour, which was also my classmate and in same age as me.

My eyes were often directed towards the sky and that evening was no exception. So I see this star move across the sky high up and points to the sky, wow see up there, and we were all observing a bright sparkling light, that at first glance seemed to move across the sky, but we soon realized that it descended slowly but steady in a slightly curved path down, until it disappeared behind some trees about 1-2 kilometers away I think. We were all aware of this mysterious object at last, because we could see it was comming down. We all looked at it for a minute or two while it descended, until it disappeared behind the trees. Then nothing happend for some time and while we were waiting for it to come back up, it became late and the other kids walked home one by one, except me and my neighbor, we were still waiting on the spot.

It passed the half hour and we also had to seek for our homes, because our parents has said we should be home at that time. Finally we gave up waiting for more to see and began walking home, but after only few steps, we looked at each other, turned around and sprinted back to the spot where we saw the object come down. Exactly as we both were back on that spot and had our eyes directed towards the UFO landing site, we saw a thin streak of light, from behind the trees and actually out in space. It was there and gone under a microsecond, like a camera flash, and we both screamed "oorrrhhhhh" to each other after seeing that techno performance.

I clearly remember the sparkling light as the same type of light you see comming from arc welding and for some reason, I got this feeling later on, that the sparkling light had something to do with the movement of the craft, but how it was related, I don´t know. I didn´t see the craft, just the light, so I have no idea how big it was and what shape it had. We didn´t hear any sound from the object as I remember it. No sound then it came down and no sound then it streaked away out in space.

A funny little detail I remember, is that then we ran back to the spot, I arrived first and had my eyes on where the UFO landed. I then see out of the corner of my eye my neighbors head and torso appear almost horizontal behind me to the left, and while I see him come into sight, he turns his head and the moment he has his eyes pointed towards the landing site, we then see this thin streak of light in a vertical line from where it landed and up into space. I am asking my self, how it can be, that we both suddenly get the same impulse at exactly same time, that we must return to watch again, and exactly as we are back on the spot, we see it. I think that is strange.

UFO observation map & illustration

In the map below, you can see the observation point and a white arrow pointing in the direction where the unidentified flying object probably landed. This direction is quite accurate, because I have landmarks to measure with. What surprises me somewhat, is that the direction where the UFO went down, points directly to an area of ​​fields where there are good opportunities to land an extraterrestrial craft relatively hidden without scaring anyone to death. A part of the accommodation on the outskirts of the area, is new buildings and did not exist back then. The highway (Fynske Motorvej) and the traffic circle left of the green E20 sign in the map, was also not build at that time the UFO sighting occured, and there were fields where the highway is today.

©2011 Google Map data ©2011 Terms of Use

Unfortunately, none of us children were aware at that time in our lives that an investigation had to be conducted and life continued undaunted. However, I tried to convince my parents that we had seen a star, namely an unknown craft, descend and land few miles from us, but nobody believed me. I have no contact to my neighbor today and I have not talked to him since I went out of school in 1986. I feel that we both had some sort of connection to the strange things that happened then, but how he is related, I have no idea. But we were together a couple of times, then strange things happend.

The UFO observation saved me a lot of trouble

This UFO observation was a milestone for me. To see it with my own eyes and understand, that yes, they were there, gave me a wonderful satisfactory peace of mind in a very problematic period of my life. At that time, I could not see a meaning with my life and life in general. I could not see the point in my reality so to speak, and was about to run totally off the track. But this first observation gave me the understanding, that there were light at the end of the tunnel and there were indeed a meaning of life. It simply woke me up and from that period of time, I began to care more for other people, that I did not do before. It started a positive consciousness proces that really changed my life to the better, and if I did not had that sighting, the most of my life had probably been lived out in a jail.

Related paranormal experiences

The story does not end here. In the following days after the observation, something happend to me, which I at that time were not complete conscious about what was. When you wake up from a dream, you remember it some time after, but after a while it disappears from your conscious mind and you´ll usually forget it. But this "dream" was not a dream I remembered then I woke up one morning, because this dream (or paranormal experience) came out of nowhere and I've never forgotten it again. It´s like you suddenly gain an experience of an event you have been part of, but you just can´t point out when or where it happend in physical time.

Basic observation data

  • Denmark, Odense, between September 20th & October 10th 1981 at 8.00 to 8:30 pm
  • Observation position: 55 21'10" N - 10 22'19" E
  • Compass direction: East
  • Note that the date period is found using the program Stellarium and is consistent with the fact, that it was almost dark at 8.00 pm where we could see the stars clearly. In the starmap below, we are looking in an eastern direction from the same position as the UFO sighting and darkness has just fallen October 1th 1981 at 8:00 pm.

Starmap created by Stellarium

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Lanzarote white orb UFOs

Two white UFO orbs was photographed while they hovered over the sea east of Lanzarote coast. I was on vacation in Lanzarote with my family in Juny 2010 and one day we rented a car and drove out on a trip around the island, which is not very big. We came to Las Playas, the second biggest town on the eastcoast near the airport. We parked the car and we went on a little walk. While the rest of my family looked for shops and things to buy, I used my time instead to shoot some pictures of the place, and one of the pictures caught two white orb UFOs hovering over the sea.

The picture is taken from the road Av De Las Playas in an eastern direction. I am not totally sure these are real UFOs, because they could be some type of lens flares maybe, but I am not sure about that either, because I haven´t seen other examples of that type of lens flare before. Above picture is the original version scaled down and you can barely distinguish one of the unidentified flying objects to the left for the middle just above the brown smoke.
The picture below is a cropped and enlarged version of the original above, that shows the two white UFOs more clearly above the brown nasty smoke from a nearby oil-fired power plant. As you might have discovered, there is some dust visible in the photo, not on the lens but directly on the CCD photosensor. Unfortunately, I did not have the necessary tool to clean the CCD at that time.

The dust on the CCD photosensor was pretty severe and there is much more dust than you can see here. But the two white UFO orbs clearly stands out among the dust particles and has a complete different profile than the dust in the picture.

The last picture below is taken from the pub "The Grasshopper" at 1:16 pm (Lanzarote local time), where we ate lunch. I shot the picture in a south-east direction out over the sea, but there is no UFOs to see here 7 minutes after the first picture was taken...

As it has happend before, I didn´t see the UFOs while I was photographing and no one around me seemed to have seen anything. The sun was very sharp and these objects or what it was had in any case been difficult to discern, but I got just another UFO picture to the collection...

Basic observation data

  • Lanzarote, Las Playas, Juny 3, 2010 at noon 0.09 pm (local time)
  • Camera position: 28 55'12" N - 13 39'46" V
  • Compass direction: East

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Strange shape-shifting UFO

Is this a real UFO that seems to change shape, somekind of small airplane or just a bird with white body and black wings? Well, I shot a series of pictures of some clouds and contrails out of my window in westerly direction early in the morning April 12, 2010 at 6.50 AM and actually saw this flying object in a northern direction, but assumed it immediately to be a small Cessna-type single-engine airplane and focused myself on the condensation trail you can see in the bottom picture. So it annoys me a bit after I examined this object in the images, that I did not focus on that particular object and fired a few more shots of it. For me, it looks like the object in the images is not an ordinary aircraft like a single-engine airplane that there are a lot of in our skies, but looks more like a strange looking flying craft (UFO) that I can not identify. What it looks like or what it is I have no idea. I do not think it could be a bird when the object is well away and if it should be a bird, then I have probably discovered a new species of bird the size of a small car or maybe bigger.

The object followed a steady course upward (see bottom picture) and looked like it was turning a bit at a moment, because the reflection of light from the sun changed slowly on the object at one point. It had no bird-like behavior like flapping wings. I heard no sound from an airplane at the time.

As you can see in the pictures, this object has a white "body" centered between something I would call dark colored "wings", that seems to change shape from picture to picture. It goes from a flying saucer-shape to a bird-like shape. Another detail you should notice, is that the white part of the object seems to be on top of the dark part on the first photo, but below on the other 4 images? The dark part seems to be both spread out and retracted and it all happens within only 2 seconds intervals, which is the timeperiod between each of the 5 photos I show here. So the scenery below is a 10 seconds UFO sighting documented on photography.

Be aware, that on top of the large pictures below, you´ll find a link to the original photo...

DSC06934 (High Quality)

DSC06935 (High Quality)

DSC06936 (High Quality)

DSC06937 (High Quality)

DSC06938 (High Quality)

I tried as hard as I could to construct the flight path as precise as possible, and plot the positions of the object from each picture above into the picture below, which is by the way taken the same day as the other photos. It shows the contrails I was photographing while a UFO apparently was passing in front of them. As I described at the top of the page, the object seemed to turn at a moment. I could see a change in the reflection from the sunlight on the object and it might have happend around point 2 and 3 because of the shorter distance.

My humble conclusion is, that this object is too big to be a bird and it can not be an airplane, because it clearly changes shape from picture to picture, because the dark part of this unidentified flying object, the "wings", are both spread out and retracted, while it seems to follow a straight path in one direction. At some point, the object in photo number two (DSC06935) looks a bit like the Saqqara Bird, which was found in 1898 in a tomb at Saqquara, Egypt, that dated back to about 200 BCE, but that must be my wildest imagination. I think the best category-term for this particular case is "UFO"...

Basic observation data

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Strange UFO Air Traffic Contrail

Was a strange UFO really photographed hovering in the middle of a contrail over Denmark, Odense, December 19th 2009 and photographed again 14 minutes later, then with a blue sky as background? It concerns two relatively small objects on two seperate photos taken with 14 minutes interval. It was shot with a Sony DSLR A100 camera with a Sony standard 3.5-5.6/18-70 lens attached. The pictures is in maximum resolution of 3872x2592 pixels (10M), which is pretty much and means that even very small objects invisible to the naked eye, can become very obvious when seen in the picture in it´s original size on the computer. 10 megapixels (10M) was standard a few years ago, now it´s up to 12 mega pixels when you buy a standard DSLR reflex camera and it can then only become more enjoyable to be nerdy photographer like me, as small immediate insignificant objects in the sky becomes clear enough to be taken serious. The photographs here of a condensation trail (contrail) from an airplane I had been watching for a while, were taken out of my window in my hometown Odense in a south-westerly direction. I saw no objects while I took the pictures until I checked them later and discovered two small unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The photo above (DSC05504.jpg) was the first shot at 13.08.10pm but there is no object to see. Then 18 seconds later at 13.08.28pm, I shot picture number two below (DSC05505.jpg) and here, suddenly a small object appears in the middle of the condensation trail...

Below 400% zoom...

Below 1600% zoom treated with Auto Contrast in Photoshop...

Below 1600% zoom treated with Auto Contrast in Photoshop and in greyscale...

Below 1600% zoom treated with Auto Levels in Photoshop...

On the first picture at the top of the page the object appears egg-shaped, as an upright egg, but at the last pictures right above, it seems to be more round with some kind of flare that goes around it vertical?

Besides the theory of the materializing of a cloud, another option could be that it is a temporary reflection from a plane? As you can see below, I caught a plane on photo in a previous occasion and it made two reflections, as in the photograph appears as two luminous orbs. But you can not immediately see any direct connection between the images of the UFO above and the plane below. If the UFO is a plane, then the plane probably was immortalized in the photograph sideways while the image below is taken directly up into the bottom of the plane, and therefore you can not compare the two images 100%. But the light output, the glow is almost the same. There is also the difference between the two pictures, that on the one below, you can clearly see patches of a plane, while on the other one above, it has no visible signs of a plane.

The picture above to the left is in normal condition and the one to the right is treated with Auto Levels in Photoshop, to clarify the two "balls of light" that the arrows points to on the fuselage. These "balls of light" is sunlight reflected and the photo looks a little strange.

Second picture with second UFO (object B)

I shot a photo more (see below) 14 minutes later at 13:22:38pm (DSC05506.jpg), but then the object is not to see where it was before and the condensation trail has moved further to the left. You can see the roof in the top of the picture is snowy and there are two visible objects which resemble snowflakes that have torn loose and floating around.

There is one more object (Object B. see below), that pops up when you zoom in a little, which I think has a complete different profile than just snow. It seem as though it is much farther away than the snow in the picture. It is very small and indistinct, but I find it somewhat subtle that it resembles an upright object, that appears much more symmetrical and structured, when compared to the snowflakes in the next pictures below...

Object A & B comparison

It should be added, that on the picture below left, we see an unidentified flying object (object A), which is probably obscured by the condensation trail. Had the condensation trail not been there, the object had probably been more clear and sharp. The picture below right (object B) are taken with a blue sky as background without any clouds. I suspect object A and B is the same object.

Object B

The drawing below to the right is my perception of how the UFO (object B) looks like on the above right and below left pictures. Whether it is pixelation in the picture that cheats me I will not say, but to me it seems that the shape of the object is quite clear. I will describe the object as a spinning top at the bottom and at the top another spinning top that is turned upside down. The space between bottom and top resembles a vertical tube from where a flash of light is comming, mostly concentrated on the right side of the object.

I find this UFO quite weird, because as you can see in the pictures, the object has a flash of light on the right side and is dark on the left side, but the sun is shining from the left side...

Basic observation data

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Cigar-shaped UFO

A cigar-shaped UFO was photographed while taking photos of a sun halo over Denmark back in October 9th 2009, on a day the sky was covered in a thin veil of high altitude cirrus clouds, cluttered with remnants of condensation trails from aircrafts. Around 1.30 pm I looked out my window in a westerly direction, looked up to the left and saw a halo around the sun. Since it was first time I had the opportunity to photograph a sun halo with my new bought camera, I hurried down to our back yard, put the camera on tripod and took 8 pictures with short intervals. On one of the photos, a cylindric tube-shaped object appears. I have seen this type of cigar-shaped object before in videos and photos taken by others and know they are there, but I never dreamed about to be so lucky, to photograph a sun halo adorned with a cigar-shaped UFO.

As you can see above, I got an airliner and its condensation trail on the same image as the cigar-shaped object. I had discovered the plane and zoomed in to take pictures of it, but I saw no UFO at that time. Let me add, that I was quickly blinded by the sun and my photosession was quickly settled. A faintly luminous object, that easily could fell in with the background, had in any case been difficult to discern. It was only later when I looked through all the images that I discovered the unidentified flying object, which only appeared on one of the images.

I used the Auto Levels (Auto Tone) feature, and manually adjusted brightness and contrast in Photoshop, to clarify the object optimally, and I got the results you can see above and below (in greyscale). On both pictures, you can see a faint dark stripe that forms a tail after the object, and has almost the same angle as the object itself, but with a slight difference. I wonder if this is just a dark pattern in the cloud behind or if it´s a type of exhaust from the mysterious object, perhaps a kind of engine-related interaction with the space around the object?

These dark streaks or bursts have been observed before. Among other Leo Nygaard from Munkebo on Fyn, Denmark, observed and videofilmed back in september 15th 1996, an object that had such dark bursts. In this video (watch from 0:22), Mr. Nygaard tells about his observation and reports, that some "streaks" came out from the object. You can actually see these streaks in the video. Are these the same type you can see in my photo? Mr. Nygaards observation has until this day never been solved.

On the picture above, the object appears more cylindrical than cigar-shaped, with distinct curves at each end. The rise in the middle seems to be a kind of flash of light. One can almost sense the cylindrical shape continued below the patchy discharge as pixelation of the picture indicates. For me it seem to be a real physical object in 3D.

Is it a Lens Flare?

A lens flare is typically created by the emergence of internal reflections in the lens of a camera, because artificial light, sunlight for example, unwanted hits the surface of the lens. A good example of lens flare can be seen in the image to the right, where unwanted light scatters in over the image. By photographing the solar halo, all photos was shot with camera on tripod and I turned the camera slightly up to the right to zoom in on the airplane, so the angle of the light source has been changed a bit. My experience with Lens Flare is, that had there been one, it would probably have appeared on more of the pictures. When you see a lens flare through your


viewfinder, try to slightly change the angle. You will then see the flare does not disappear immediately, but slowly. It simply stays visible over a range of x degrees / x arcminutes, depending on how the light interacts with the optics. Another lens flare you can see below, at first glance, it looks much like the same as the cigar UFO from October 9, 2009.

But I get another result using Auto Levels, brightness and contrast in Photoshop, and it reveals it self below. It´s transparent and you can see the contrail through the yellowish flare.

And grayscale...

Below you have all 8 photos as thumbnails with hours, minutes and seconds in the same order they were taken that day - click them to study the original Hi-Res UFO photos.

Image 1.
Image 2.
Image 3.
Image 4.

Image 5. (w/UFO)

Image 6.

Image 7.

Image 8.

On picture no. 4. (13:37:04pm) I had zoomed max onto the plane. Then I zoomed out a little and took picture no 5. (13:37:12pm), which apparently caught a cigar-shaped UFO. Then 8 seconds later, I zoomed max out and corrected the camera to take picture no. 6 (13:37:20pm) of the solar halo in its full glory, and now the object has disappeared...

Basic observation data

Other cigar-shaped or cylindrical UFOs

These cylindrical or cigar-shaped UFOs has been photographed and filmed before. If you Google “cigar-shaped UFO” and click on the Images-tab in the top left of your browser, a lot of pictures shows up. Not all of them are real UFOs but identified as known terrestrial flying objects. Only a few of them indicates, that they can be non-terrestrial crafts apparently unknown to us.

Let me point out some of them here for you and please see the related links below this text for further study. Remember the old footage from Rhode Island 1967, that shows a tube-shaped object hover unstable in an oblique angle? There is the footage from the cockpit of a Russian MIG fighter jet, apparently chasing a cylindrical-shaped UFO as seen accelerating out of sight. There is the observation from Salida, Colorado 27th August 1995, where Tim Edwards and his daughter discovers an elongated luminous object in the sky, then filming and observing it for one hour. There is also Jeff Willes cylindrical UFO filmed over Phoenix USA back in 2005, and that one looks very identical to the craft seen in a fresh new video from October 18, 2011, where about 60 students and four teachers from a school in the city of Chimbote, Peru, saw a cylindrical UFO flying through the clouds and the witnesses rushed to record the phenomenon. See all related videos below...

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