Bizarre UFO Photography

Photos of an aviation contrail on December 19th 2009, caught a bizarre UFO hiding in the middle of that contrail, and it seem I got the strange object twice on photo. As you will see further down the page, this object is truly bizarre, because it displaces sunlight, or is non-reflective and reflects no sunlight. The object has its own lightsource apparently, like if it radiates its own sunshine, which can be seen in my UFO photography here.
Bizarre UFO Photography
The weather was perfect for a meteorological photoshoot, with a blue sky as background that always makes white clouds and contrails appear clear and beautiful in the photos, and that was the actual reason for the shoot. Later I discovered an unidentified flying object in two of my photos. It seems that it slowly travelled this non-ecliptical path from a southwestern direction towards a northeastern direction, and that is a much different path than the ecliptic, which Sun, Moon, planets and stars tends to follow.

UFO photography

The object got caught on two photos with 14 minutes interval. The first one was in, or behind the contrail at 14:08:28 PM (see negative above), the second one at 14:22:38 PM (see photo below) just before it went over our house and out of sight. I used a Sony DSLR A100 reflex camera with a Sony standard lens (3.5-5.6/18-70) attached and the image resolution is at 3872x2592 pixels 72 DPI. I use photoshop for image processing, in an attempt to make unclear objects appear as clear as possible and the two images above and below have both been processed in photoshop for the purpose of making them as tangible as possible for the viewer. I think the object above is either inside or behind the contrail, undoubtedly not in front of it. The object below has left the contrail and moves with a deep blue sky as background.
UFO in aviation contrail 2

Object seem to come out of nowhere

There are things about this object I think is very strange. First of all, this UFO seem to come out of nowhere from one photo (DSC05504) to another (DSC05505), see first two pictures below. Secondly, on the third and last photo (DSC05506) below, from just before it went over our house and out of sight, the object reveals a flash or some lightsource on its right side and is darkened on its left side? I will treat the weirdness of the lightsource further down the article, but now to the very first photo (DSC05504) I took of the contrail at 14:08:10 PM. The object has not appeared yet in the aviation contrail, or is not visible (I studied it thoroughly several times but can´t find anything), see below:
18 seconds later at 14:08:28 PM, I take another photo (DSC05505) of the same aviation contrail, and an object had suddenly appeared in the middle of that contrail as you can see in the photo below:
And from this point, the UFO travels the next 14 minutes from the sourthwestern direction towards the northeastern direction until it disappears over the house. It is odd, that the object wasn´t visible nearly all the time, but seem to blink-in under a time-span of only 18 seconds and stays after that, while it travels over the sky and 14 minutes later get caught on my photo again?

Do photos contain the same object?

Based on the vertical style and equal dimensions both objects poses with, I have a reason to believe it is the same object in both photos. The only odd things in the photos, are those objects. The last and third photo I took with the object (at the time still unaware of its presence in the sky), just before it went over the house, is seen below. Note that the two objects to left top in the photo, is snow.

Any logical explanation of this?

My first thought was the international spacestation (I.S.S.), but a check on I.S.S. Historical Lookup, reveals the spacestation was over the U.S. westcoast at that time and thousands of miles away from Denmark, where the actual sighting happend. What else could it be if we think terrestrial objects in orbit around earth? It cannot be Mir spacestation, because it re-entered Earth's atmosphere on March 23th 2001, and this sighting happend in 2009.

Truly bizarre UFO

The real strange thing about this object is, that it apparently has its own light source, which originates from its right side (see below). This picture has been cropped out from the original photography (DSC05506), magnified and processed with Auto Tone in Photoshop. This is indeed some of my weirdest UFO photography so far.
UAP displaces sunlight
However, the right side stands in clear contrast to the object's left side, which lies in darkness despite the fact, that sunlight from left goes directly onto object's left side? And if the light source on the right side of the object is a reflection of sunlight, it all seems a bit reversal and illogical, because one should suppose, that sunshine from left towards right, would cause some reflection on the left side of this object and not the right side.
UAP displaces sunlight illustration
Unfortunately, we need more photos to see, if the light changes or moves around on this thing. I must say, that in my imagination, this object is like a flying lighthouse. Am I really looking at a device that can displace sunlight?? Well, this is UFO photography when its best. If you wish to research this on your own, my photos is available as hi-res in the list below, download for research only.

Basic observation data

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