Cigar shaped UFO in Sun halo

Cigar shaped UFO in Sun Halo
I got a cigar shaped UFO on photography while shooting some pictures of a Sun halo over Denmark on October 9th 2009. While shooting with my Sony A-100, I unknowingly but very luckily, got my first UFO photos of this particular type of craft, which is actually more in the shape of a large pressure tank when you look closer.

Massive Sun Halo in the sky

It was on a day the sky was covered in a thin veil of high altitude cirrus clouds, cluttered with remnants of condensation trails from aircrafts. Around 1.30 pm, I looked out my window in a westerly direction, looked up to the left and saw a halo around the Sun.
Sun Halo
Since it was first time I had the opportunity to shoot some photos of a Sun halo with my new SONY A100 reflex camera, I hurtled down to our backyard, attached the camera on a tripod and took 8 pictures with short intervals. On one photo out of eight, an object in the shape of a cigar reveals it self together with a commercial airliner in a marvelous sight with the massive Sun halo as background.

Cigar shaped UFO and Commercial airliner

As you can see above, I also got an airliner with contrail in the same photo as the unknown object and the Sun halo. I did see the plane and zoomed in to shoot some pics of the plane particulary, but saw no object despite the fact, that it passed the camera angle while shooting a photo. Let me add, that I was quickly blinded by the sun and my photosession was quickly settled. A faintly luminous object, that easily could fell in with the background, had in any case been difficult to discern. Later, when I looked through all the images, I discovered an unknown flying object, which only appeared in one image.
I used the Auto Tone feature in Photoshop, and manually adjusted brightness and contrast, to clarify the object as clear as possible, and you can see the results above and below (in greyscale). On both pictures, you can see a faint dark stripe that forms a tail after the object, and has almost the same angle as the object itself, but with a slight difference. I wonder if this is just a dark pattern in the cloud behind or if its some type of exhaust from the object? Perhaps a kind of engine-related interaction with the air around the craft, radiating a hidden force which reveals it self as a shadow?

Dark streak a shadow of what?

I have seen those dark streaks/shadows before in UFO photos and videos, and believe those must be real. Mr. Leo Nygaard from Munkebo on Fyn, Denmark, observed and videofilmed back in september 15th 1996 an object that had such dark streaks or bursts. In the video (watch from 0:22), Mr. Nygaard tells about his observation and reports, that some streaks came out from the object, like if it was adjusting its movement. You can actually see those streaks in the video. Mr. Nygaards observation has until this day never been solved.

Pressure tank UFO

There seem to be a concentration of light, maybe caused by electric discharges, that is coming out from the center of the object, which makes it difficult to see the actual shape of the object below. Upon closer inspection (and hours with image processing), this cigar UFO seem to hide a straight-line end to end cylindrical shape with nice roundings in both ends. The label "cigar", which I think partly originates from George Adamski's universe, does not fit well with this object. The label "pressure tank UFO" is actually more correct to use when trying to explain its structure. See this pressure tank, it comes very close to the actual shape of this unknown object I think.
Below you have all 8 photos as thumbnails with hours, minutes and seconds in same order they were taken that day. Image DSC04333.JPG is the one with the UFO. Click the thumbnails and go study the original Hi-Res pictures.

On picture no. 4. (13:37:04pm) I had zoomed max onto the plane. Then I zoomed out a little and took picture no 5. (13:37:12pm), which apparently caught a cigar shaped UFO. Then 8 seconds later, I zoomed max out and corrected the camera to take picture no. 6 (13:37:20pm) of the solar halo in its full glory, and the object has disappeared...

Basic observation data

UFO photography complete list

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